November 25, 2007

House Hunting

Tymon and I got a list together of all the houses in the area that we might be interested in. We're looking for one with a great yard and close to work. Well, Tymon put all the houses on google maps and made a tour for us yesterday. I mean, if we're going to make another offer on the house we want, we should make sure that we REALLY want the house and not wonder if there was another house out there for us. We've prayed about this one and went to the temple yesterday to seek inspiration, too. And we came home even more excited about the house in Monroe. Now we're still back to the drawing board about which types of loans to choose and how to finance it.

Sniffles and Snot

How much snot could the Johns' lot,
Sneeze out in one day?
A lot of snot shot out from the tot,
Streaming without delay.

Dad was skipped.
Mom's blown her nose raw.
Graeden has one steady stream.
Elliott slurps up his double faucet.
Jett's a bit crusty around the edges.
Evan seems fine.

November 18, 2007

Rejected Offer

Well, the builder didn't like our offer for the house. He countered. We may succomb. We're a little uncertain about the economy. Not so much about our positions within it. Just that home prices may fall. And if that's the case then we don't want to pay more than we should for a home. But, if the prices don't fall...and the recent housing crunch has treated Seattle far better than other areas of the nation...then we'd be smart to buy now.

November 10, 2007

180 degree shift

Reluctantly this afternoon but anxious to do something, Tymon helped me load the boys into the car and go look at some new houses a few miles from our home. We could live in our beautiful home forever, but with the rapid expansion of our family, the seams are stretching.

I've been eyeing this new development over the past few months. The homes all have about 1/2 an acre of land and the homes are beautiful. There are 4 builders so the same designs aren't used so much. The area is surrounded by lots of trees and nature. Tymon and I walked around one house that was framed a while ago, but we didn't like the design too much. But today, we walked through 6 of my favorite builder's homes out there. The agent wasn't in the model when we got there, so we just peeked in some windows and then toured around a newly framed home. Well, this is the home we loved. We went into another builder's model home and the agent there called the guy over the home we liked to come and show it to us. We looked at 6 homes. I loved it. I love just dreaming and imagining that one day we'd live in one of these homes or something similar.

I like to dream about these houses so much that it's become a hobby...or a way to waste time that doesn't involve facebook. I know all of the real estate sites and how to see and find any type of home that I'm thinking about. I've probably spent an hour or two every week for the last several months or more looking at home magazines, websites and occationally actually going out and looking at houses. Tymon has always dismissed my house looking hobby as something that doesn't apply to us right now.

Well, this afternoon he went to his computer to figure out a way that we could get into the house we both liked. The floorplan is so open and warm and inviting. It's also got a huge basement. So, big that if it had another 50 square feet then it'd be the same size as our current home. While we don't need this right now, we would like to have a rec area later when the boys are older. We'd like the boys and their friends to congregate at our home.

So, my friends, Tymon and I are on the same page. He's excited about the home and I'm excited that we both like it and at this point, since it's only been framed, we can customize it with the features we want. We were thinking of using our home as a rental when we bought a new one, but to get this one, we'll probably need to sell it. That's not so bad, though. We're pretty busy to have a rental.

November 8, 2007


Today my brother went to lunch with one of our competitors. They discussed some ways in which we could work together to make headway in the legislature on getting the concerns of commercial driving schools addressed. Then the guy asked my brother what his aspirations were for the driving school. Their school is wanting to go nationwide. JC and I are pretty content with the size of our school. I think we could set it up to go bigger and possibly cross state lines, but that would be at some point way down the road when we have the management structure set up better. Anyway, this guy pretty much hinted that in the future we may want to merge schools and he offered JC a position in the company.

In some respects that would be so great. Not to have to think about all of the things I think about. But on the other hand, this is what has kept us alive for the last couple of years. My curriculum is my baby and the thought of that being tossed by the wayside makes me sad. Until today, I had no idea how attached I was to our curriculum and way of doing things. Who'd have known? Nope, we're not selling today.

November 7, 2007

Kettle Corn

Evan just had his first solid food today. I didn't feel like messing around with the rice cereal, so he got some kettle corn. He didn't know what to do with it, but soon gummed it down and really likes it. I'm sure that the "don't feed your kid popcorn until they're 2 years old" ladies will be horrified. But those ladies don't realize how great popcorn and grapes and hotdogs really are. Evan didn't choke (I was watching closely to see how he'd do), he just plain liked it.

November 6, 2007

New Job

Tymon was offered a position at Panasonic Avionics as a business analyst yesterday and he accepted it. He'll start after Thanksgiving. I'm excited for him and it's great that he's getting a foot into the industry. They asked him what his salary requirements were, he told them, and the offer matched what he asked for. Now he's thinking he should have told them more. :) That's okay though, I think that it won't be long before he gets some experience and he'll be worth a raise. They've got some great benefit packages, though. So, that's really nice.

November 4, 2007


I've realized that sometimes I can be a bit negative and well sarcastic. This isn't who I want to be so I think if I can count my blessings then I'll realize that I really do have it good.

I'm grateful for my dishwasher and the creative genius I was able to exercise this evening in getting every dirty dish we have to fit inside of it. I'm thankful that our home teachers were able to come over this evening and Graeden and Elliott did headstands on the couch with their arms folded for the closing prayer. I like the way Jett signs that he's thirsty...instead of pointing to his neck and motioning downward, he points to his head or his belly or sometimes to his mouth. I'm grateful that Evan will now take a bottle in the afternoons. I'm grateful that Tymon is so excited about the 3 interviews he had at Panasonic Avionics for a business analyst. It's down to 2 people and hopefully, he'll be offered the job tomorrow when he goes in for a 4th time. I'm grateful that my little brother has a sound room in his office and I can go there and record stuff. I'm excited that our driving school is growing and we're a much better and stronger company than we were a few years ago. I'm grateful for the past two years that Tymon has been in school and working with me at the driving school. He knows his boys well and has spent some quality and quantity time with them. They just love him. I'm truly grateful for my computer and that I don't have to share with Tymon. I just love high speed internet and the ease with which I can get information on just about anything I want. I'm grateful that there is such a thing as blogs and that just maybe, by my writing in this one, I may preserve some of my life and family history for my posterity.
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