December 30, 2007

Our New Home

We met with our builder last Saturday and did a walk through the home. It took about a month for all of us to come together and come up with an acceptable agreement for the home. It will be finished sometime in the next few months. We're excited about it, but aren't in a huge hurry to move. So it works out for all of us.

This is a view from our new home out the living room window. It actually has windows now...and the roof is on so there aren't puddles all over.

Here is part of the back yard. The forest is a protected growth area and there are a couple of ponds back there. I'm excited that the boys will have a fun place to play in and explore. Tymon is pretty excited for paintball possibilities.

Here is a view from the living room of the upstairs and entryway. I just love this part.

Story Time with Daddy

Story time gets a bit wild at our house. It's difficult to keep all of the boys together and interested in the same story. This photo was staged. I rounded up the stragglers just for this shot. Otherwise, only one or two boys would be there. The others would be jumping on the bed or playing with some inconsequential toy. Ahh, but we keep trying. One dream for the boys is to have them all gathered around me and listening to a story like my mom used to read to me. I remember the adventures of "Ralph S. Mouse" with such fondness and excitement. I'd like to do that with our boys...and I will. Only it'll take a few years to get the wiggles out long enough to hold their attention for a book without pictures.


Some of you may think of Joes when you hear "sloppies" but for us in the Johns home, we think of slurpees/slushies/squishies (thanks to Graeden and his name for the cold delight). Uncle JC and Aunt Anais gave the boys a Slurpee maker for Christmas and the boys love it. Tymon loves to spend time with the boys making treats. I love getting to eat a sloppie and not have to do anything for it.

December 27, 2007

Live Nativity

Each year, we reinact the story of Jesus' birth. Usually, my mom invites a family over who just had a baby so that they can be Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. My Dad pulls out the old family Bible from a hundred years ago and reads the story. Well, for the last 5 years she hasn't invited over any unsuspecting families to dress up...just us (Graeden did it twice.) Elliott here is our little shepard boy. Of course, it's fun to imagine that thousands of years ago they probably had some pig skin pacifiers and maybe even a pair of Nike's under those swaddling clothes. But in all seriousness, I like to hear the story of Jesus and the dressing up is the good natured part of us showing up.

Boxing Day Dinner

Last night we went to dinner at Claim Jumpers. Even though it was a Wednesday night, we had to wait for over an hour for a table. Apparently, at the table where we were going to eat, the large group left...except for 3 stragglers. Rather than "hurry them along" we were left in the lobby. The nice thing is that we got 3 free appetizers because we were so nice to wait. So, Anais and Auntie Gay voted to get the crabcakes...the most expensive appetizer on the menu. ha ha ha. It was a great dinner (albeit a bit late in the evening).

Uncle Brett is guaranteed for some good laughs. He has hooked up Jett with a new do. I think he could be a sidekick for the Stooges. See what you think...

December 16, 2007

John Taylor

The favorite prophet in our house is John Taylor. Now no one has come out and said that but I am judging this due to the frequent use of his name by my boys. "Hey Elliott John Taylor!" "No Graeden John Taylor!" "Ha Ha` John Taylor"
I think that they got the name from a game that Tymon made several months ago for our family night. He got photos of all of the latter-day prophets and made a game of memory out of them. So, the boys have heard the names of the prophets every time we play the game. They also are beginning to understand that they have a first and a last name. Perhaps, they are combining the two names. I'm not sure, but it sure is cute.

December 7, 2007

Stripped stripes

They're gone. All of the stripes in my kitchen. A friend from church came today and peeled the wallpaper off my walls and will hopefully be back tomorrow to paint the kitchen while we're at a children's Christmas party for Tymon's work. All this in preparation for the possibility that we may move. Well, we've gone back and forth a few times with the builder of our "wannabe house" and who knows how many more times it'll take. But well, we've got to move forward with faith :). I just think it's terrible to live somewhere for 5 years and then finish all of the projects that we started before we moved in. I should've done the painting years ago before we had 4 kids. ha ha ha. Hindsight is always better than foresight!

December 2, 2007

Let it Snow

I went out on Saturday afternoon and bought some hats/gloves for the boys so that they could play in their newfound treasure! They were so disappointed to come inside. After most of us came inside, Tymon and Graeden made another snowman:

How cute is that? Yeah, snow guy with a pole through his heart.

Trick or Treating

This is a little late...but the boys were pretty cute!
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