September 25, 2008

Earthly Goodbyes

Please come and celebrate Evan's life with us on Saturday. We will be showing his movies and slide show starting at 10 am at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 8522 131st Ave SE, Snohomish, WA 98290. His funeral will begin at 11 am.

We are touched by your prayers, emails, blog comments, wall posts, cards and flowers. Thank you so much for loving us and loving our boy. We miss him terribly and mourn his loss throughout the day. Tymon and I were able to spend some time in the temple today. I hope to get back soon. Mentally, I can understand that God has a plan for us and understand Evan's role within it...but emotionally, that doesn't lessen the hurt or the longing for him. I just want to hold my baby boy again.

8 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. We wish we could be there so badly. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you these past couple of days and will be with you on Saturday as well. Again, we are so sorry about your loss.


    Nate & Carlee

  2. Our thoughts, prayers and tears will be with you and your family. We know the comfort and strength you need will be with you. The mixture of feelings is completely normal and okay. Continue to leave room for your natural emotions as well as your solid testimony! You guys are wonderful for each other and your kids!

  3. Oh Bridget, my heart is breaking right now. I am so deeply saddened by your loss. I'm so sorry. I am sending you a huge, gigantic, enormous hug. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. Bridget and Tymon,

    We will be there on Saturday. Is there anything that we can do for that day?

    We are so sad and want you to know that we are praying for you.

  5. I wish I could make it up there to support your family, but you are continously in my prayers.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. Misha called me last night and I just read your blog. My heart has broken. I am so sorry. I pray for you and your family that you might find peace and comfort. I know you will miss your sweet little boy and my thoughts are with you.

    We lost a little girl just after delivery a few years ago. I miss her still. Our family has never forgotten her and she's a huge part of our lives and motivation to be a celestial family. We have tokens of her all over the house that remind me daily that I can be better so I can be with her again.

    I had to go to the cemetary the other day for a friend and as I looked at my little girl's grave I envisioned the day when an angel would come and give her back to me. I know you will miss your beautiful boy terribly but I know you will be with him again.

    May the Lord be with you at this sad time, and may his tender mercies bring you comfort.

    Lauren Smith (Gilroy)

  7. Bridget,
    I have been thinking about you non stop.. honestly and can't even imagine the grief you are feeling right now. I remember Tymon with Evan this summer at church when we were there to visit and what a cute little boy he is. I think this hits home for me because that has always been a fear and worry of mine to lose such a sweet baby so early in life. I know there is comfort in the gospel but still just sitting here writing this to you my eyes are filled with tears at the ache in your heart. I wish we could be there for the funeral and support, we would be if we could, my brother is getting baptized on Saturday. Our family has been praying for you continually. We are thinking of you.
    Ashley, Scott & kids

  8. Thank you for allowing us to be at this special service, it was a beautiful celebration of Evan's life. Our prayers continue to be with you and your entire family.

    -Johnny and Eirian


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