February 27, 2008

Goodbye Grandpa Johns

Tymon's grandfather passed away on Monday. Here he is with Evan, the youngest great grandson, when we were in Calgary last August. The funeral is on Saturday and Tymon and Jett will be flying up on Friday night. I'm glad that we were able to see Grandpa not too long ago and that the boys have some vague idea of who he is. He's the last of both Tymon's and my grandparents to pass away. He was 80.

Tomorrow, I will spend however much time is needed at the Seattle passport agency getting Jett a passport. It's crazy that young children can't just use a birth certificate to go to Canada. Even the new wallet sized passport cards don't work for air travel. I am looking forward to those, though, it'll be a lot less bulky than the passport books. It's too bad they only work for Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

February 16, 2008

Twilight Series

Okay, so it's been a week and I have the first 3 books in the series finished (as of last night). Um, yeah, I'm not sure what's come over me. All I think about is Bella and Edward. The first book, I checked out from the library and waited for it for 3 or 4 months. I went to check out the others and found that I would be #105 and #159 in line to get them (another 3-5 months), or Amazon could mail it to me in 2 days. Well, there's no way I could wait that long, I signed up for Amazon Prime that has free 2 day shipping and those 2 days seemed to take forever.

Tymon started reading Twilight and he thinks that the books are made for girls. He can't picture Edward. Well, neither can I actually. I just think of his eyes or his face or whatever. Mostly, I think of him as a marble statue, kind of like Michelangelo's David, except he has some cloths on. It piqued his interest to know that in the 3rd book, the vampires and werewolves have a big war-like fight.

February 10, 2008


Less than 24 hours ago, I embarked on a journey recommended to me by a friend. Little did I know that I wasn't just going to read for an hour and go to bed...I read and read and read and finally at 3am I decided that morning would come early for me and I should stop reading and go to sleep. So, I lay in bed thinking of my characters. A girl, a vampire and a romance. What could be better than that? I finished the book (nearly 500 pages) earlier this evening. Every moment away from it was a trial. I couldn't believe it when I finished. I was a little disappointed. I wanted to follow these characters, to know what happened to them. And to my delight and surprise, while googling a picture of the cover of the book, I came across the author's website and found that this is the first of 4 in the series. http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilightseries.html
Yahoo! But oh no! What will happen to my family while I embark on reading the rest of this series? Will they eat? Will they have to put up with a cranky mom? Can I take that? As I type, Graeden just told me, "Mom, you're the worst mom." I think it's because I'm not singing him bedtime songs, but am writing instead. He also says that it's because I won't let him touch the computer. Well, I'm sure there will be many more days of being "the worst mom" but for now, I'm excited about the continued journey with Bella and Edward the vampire.

February 9, 2008

I wanna be a cowboy!

There's nothing better than a pair of boots for a little boy ... and no better bliss than to be wearing them in your skivvies.

February 8, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns

The past few days, I've been lost in Khaled Hosseini's novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns. I couldn't put it down. Tymon thought a tsunami had ravaged our home, but no, it was just the boys pulling out every toy they own and wreaking havoc on the living room. I was busy sitting on the couch forming attachments to the two women (main characters) who shared their lives with me in this book. It's been a poignant reminder about how wonderful it is to be living in the United States and free and makes me wonder if our troops in Afganistan are really working for freedom or if there are alterior motives. This historical fiction is great for understanding what is going on in Afganistan right now and for the past 30 years. Hosseini is an excellent writer and I hope he continues to share the stories of his native land. http://www.khaledhosseini.com/index.html

February 4, 2008


Lost - A month of my life to an incredibly addictive television show named LOST. Tymon and I have been watching all three seasons of the show thanks to ABC.com this January.

Gained - One on one time with my husband. 70 episodes times 42 minutes equals nearly 50 hours that we've spent together sitting in front of the computer together.
Gained - An affection for Desmond The Great. He seems to always want to do the right thing and is incredibly loyal.

Gained - An admiration for Sayid The Brave. This man can do most anything. I really appreciate his view on reality and how he can percieve people's intentions and know whether or not they are being honest. That and he can fix pretty much any communications device.
Gained - curiosity for why things are the way they are, an appreciation for life and knowledge that you better make the most of your time, knowledge that life off the island isn't necessarily better than life on the island, a sense of community and appreciation for each person's skills and talents, and so much more. It'd be nice if the characters stayed alive longer, though. There is so much to learn from them. Ecko's and Charlie's deaths are so much nobler than the deaths of the "Others" and even survivors.
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