March 31, 2008

Scripture Memorization

Graeden was assigned to give the scripture and prayer in primary on Sunday. Tymon worked with him on Saturday night and Graeden memorized it. "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy." All evening and Sunday morning we asked him about it. After he'd definitely gotten it down, he started to change things.

Remember the Sunday to keep it Sunday.
Remember to keep the Sunday holy.

Unfortunately, he had a crying episode before Primary and ended up not even giving the scripture. But the prayer was nice and clear (Tymon was prompting him).

March 23, 2008


I need to update you that Tina moved out about a week ago and went to live with her best friend. We are still involved in her life (I'm her financial guardian) but will miss our daily interaction with her.

Happy Easter!

First, I'd just like to say how much I love Snohomish. What other town has an Easter celebration and encourages you to go to church the next day at one of the many services by whatever denomination you want? Yesterday, we started out by going to the city's annual Easter Egg hunt. With 30,000 eggs, there's got to be enough for everyone to have a couple, right? Jett got about 5 or 6 ... much better than Graeden's first hunt at about the same age. Elliott cruised around filling his bucket and Graeden loaded in the most. It's so exciting to see them go from, "Huh? Why should I pick up an egg?" to getting their baskets full.
After the hunt, we went to the Easter parade. Snohomish may not be known for it's grandiose floats or super talented drill teams, but over half the entrants in the parade hand out treats or gifts. There's nothing more fun than seeing the sprawl of kids rush out to get the candy that's just been thrown all over the street. Tymon has the boys well trained. Immediately after getting any spoils, they turn around and give it to him. He puts it away in the stroller so that their hands will be free to get more with the next round. Then when we get home the loot bag is large and we all share in eating it. Even Tymon and his year off of candy/sweets gets to have a break on holidays (today not yesterday) and partake. I'm not sure if the boys are completely aware of this injustice. They went through all the hard work of collecting the goods and their father will eat a large portion of it tonight. Oh well. I can't say I'm not guilty of the same crime. What do they need all of that candy for, anyway?

We had a great dinner this evening at my parents house. Cousin Amele (just a couple months older than Jett) kept sitting on Evan. It was pretty funny. Well not always, but it's the same type of treatment he gets from his brothers...especially Jett. Only Aunt Anais isn't around at our house when Evan's being sat on trying to explain how he isn't a toy.

March 15, 2008

Ides of March

My brother Brett called me this afternoon to wish me a happy Ides of March. He told me that this means that he'll have good luck all year. Wikipedia states that "the term has come to be used as a metaphor for impending doom." So, I'm not sure what he's talking about. Actually, he said that our favorite English teacher, Mr. Terry Johnson, gave students extra credit for being the first one to wish him a happy Ides of March. I had Mr. Johnson for English two years in a row. I guess that the Ides of March happened on the weekend that year since I don't remember this at all. I just remembered getting cultural knowledge points for knowing such things as who James Dean was and why the Broadway show "Hair" was so controversial.

For me personally, I don't think about "Beware of the Ides of March" like Ceasar should have because he was killed that day. I think about my first car. I bought it on the Ides of March in 1999 when living in Cedar City, Utah. It was actually the first one that I've ever test driven. I took it to my friend's work to pick her up and then we took it to her brother in law to briefly check it out. Well, we came back after I'd been to the bank and I paid $2700 for my 1990 Mazda Protege. I loved it and it lasted me all through my Utah days, all through college and even into my marriage. Then the clutch wasn't working so well. I took it to the transmission shop and ended up selling it to the guys there for $200. A new transmission was only $500 or $600 but the little box that was leaking acid on the clutch would have cost that much to fix, too. So, alas, my little car wasn't worth me fixing.

The funny thing is that my car's new home was right across the street from a friend's house. For months, I thought about going over there and giving them the extra key to the car that I'd found in a box of my college things. Then I thought they'd find that a bit weird. Some chick showing up with a "spare" key to their car. Yeah, so I dreamed about just going over there and unlocking the trunk and throwing it in. Then they could "discover" the extra key and maybe it'd make their day. I shared the thought with my husband. He talked me out of it. That was also too weird. Alas, I threw the key away and now the car has gone to a new home and I don't see it around town anymore. This photo is courtesy of so the color is not the same as mine. But I loved that car. I even remember the plate...999 JHB. What's funny is that those letters are now my initials in reverse.

March 13, 2008

Happy Third Birthday, Elliott!

I made Elliott a blueberry cake with The Lompoc Cafe's recipe. If you ever need a good eats, just get one of their recipe books I've actually never been to the cafe, but a family friend gave us the book as a wedding present. Anyway, it was divine. We cooked it in a bear mold given to us by my aunt. Elliott was so excited about the cake, the bear and especially the candy on top. His piece was the letter E right in the middle.The next most exciting thing was the presents. Or maybe that was the "piece de resistance". He got some money from Tymon's mom and stepdad and we went shopping this afternoon. Here he is opening his presents with glee, even though he knows exactly what's in each of them. In case Grandma and Grandpa House were wondering...he got a kite, playground ball, gumball machine, paddle ball, and pack of tic tacs. He is still up right now (10pm) reading the birthday books we bought a few weeks ago at Costco. He loves reading and picked these out, as well. Tymon went in to turn out the light and he just held up one hand with a finger raised as if to say, just hold on Dad, and he went back to being engrossed in the book.

The Instigator

The Problem: Mom was upstairs and the boys were TOO QUIET. I had been meaning to clean out my fridge, but I didn't want to do it yesterday. See all that white stuff? Yeah, that was my brand new container of feta cheese that hadn't been open, yet. I just wanted some Greek food as I was shoveling up the mess. What's terrible here is that before calming down enough to realize that I may find humor in this at another time, I had already gotten 3 or 4 dustpans full of food in the trash. So my photos are sugar coating the real disaster! They dumped the soup I made for lunch, the carton of prunes, bags of salad, some left over Thai food, the open container of baking soda, the horse radish (and they were wondering why their eyes hurt...ha ha ha...serves them right), and I'm not sure what else. There wasn't much left in my produce drawer and there were 5 or 6 empty containers of food.

The cute, so sweet, so destructive.

The ACCOMPLICE. He may look innocent, but he's not. He knows when he's naughty.

The INNOCENT BYSTANDER. Poor kid, he's even got a pad thai noodle in his hair.

And my lovely Graeden was asleep on his bedroom floor in the middle of all of his toys. I'm so glad he wasn't a part of this.

March 10, 2008

Up and Down

Well, we've missed Tymon and Jett this past week and we're glad that they are home safely from Grandpa Johns' funeral and visiting the family. One thing that I've been watching but have been waiting for is Evan to turn around by himself and slide down the stairs. Well, he sometimes does it but sometimes falls a few stairs, too. But Tymon noticed him crawling down the stairs all by himself. Amazing the progress made in just one week when you haven't seen a baby. We just weighed Evan tonight. He's a whopping 19 pounds...much bigger than his brothers were at the same age. He doesn't seem so big, but he is. He sort of ate two breadsticks for dinner tonight. I'm sure he got at least one of them down. The other was all over the high chair.

March 3, 2008


This sums up the last few days for me...or rather the last few months. I totally understand why obedience is the first law of heaven. My parents really worked hard on getting that information to click with me and my siblings. Luckily for me, most of the lessons landed on my brother. But we could all spell o-b-e-d-i-e-n-c-e early on in our youth. I'm wondering how many times I'm going to pass out before my little angels will not only understand what obedience is, but they'll actually do what I ask.

First Primary Talk

Graeden's Sunday School teacher called me on Saturday and asked if Graeden would give a talk in Primary on Sunday. Of course, he refused. Then she asked if he would be her little helper on Sunday. Well, that he could do...for a price. Anything? Yup, anything. He chose gummy bears. So, I made him some pictures (clip art) with one to two lines on the back to compose his talk. It was about Fast Sunday. In Primary, he held those pictures up high as Joslyne read the talk. He is very pleased with himself for standing in front of everyone holding up his pictures. I'm happy that he did it and didn't create a fuss or shy away. Maybe next time he'll actually be able to speak :) I don't think it'll be his class's turn for several months so it really could happen. The terrible thing is that I took his gummies for him since it was Fast Sunday and told him he could have them after dinner. Then we had dinner at my parents and had so many cookies and candies for desert that I still haven't given him his gummies. And for the record, he hasn't asked for them either. Even tonight in family home evening when we talked a little bit about his Primary talk.
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