April 27, 2008

Global Warming

Whenever I hear about global warming, I wonder why it hits the entire earth except Washington? I'd be much more likely to believe this theory if it could explain why it's just not warmer here. Here are our little boys LOVING the snow. They even prayed for it to stay...and it did for another day. Unbelievable. This was taken on April 18, 2008 in Western Washington.

Our poor tulips :( We got a few inches on Friday the 18th and several more over night. As well as a scattering of more on Saturday and Sunday.

Children's Museum

For Christmas this year, Tymon's dad gave us money for presents, which we used to buy a membership to the Children's Museum. It's been so great. If any of you have been thinking about it, JUST DO IT! It only took our family 2 visits to make the membership worth it...of course when we've got to pay for 3 of the 4 boys, the $7 admission adds up fast. It's also only 15 minutes from home, so we've gone several times and the boys love it.
I like feeling free to leave any time I want if the boys are misbehaving. If I had to pay each time we went, I'd be more tolerant of lousy behavior because I wouldn't want to waste money by leaving early... and that would discourage me from returning. The membership is great though, all of those conflicting feelings disappear.

Something's burning...

So, I haven't been keeping my blog very well this month. We've had a great one.

Earlier this month, I smelled something burning and searched the house for the source. I couldn't find it and then dismissed it even though I could still smell something. Later in the day, I unlocked our office and went to my computer and instantly found the problem...it had burned up. When Tymon got home he took it apart and found that my video card had burned up and that's why my computer didn't work. Anyway, after a couple of weeks he's now got it fixed and I can use it and now post pictures again.

MS Walk

It has rained just about every day this year and I for one am thinking that I'd like to see the sun again. On April 12th there was an MS Walk that we participated in with my brother Brett and his wife Katie and their team of family and friends. Katie was diagnosed with MS last December after waking up blind in one eye... she now has the sight back and we're all hoping for some advances in research and treatment options. So, for the first time this year we got super nice weather, sun and 70 degrees. It was so good to already have plans to be outside to enjoy it. Here's the team below. Brett and Katie are next to our family.

FYI: Only a small percentage of the money this walk raises (National MS Society) goes to research...it's something like 10-12% ... if anyone knows of any great MS organizations that put the vast majority of funds raised into research rather than programs for those already diagnosed, please let me know.

April 25, 2008

Phone call to Jesus

I just overheard Elliott (3 years old) on a toy phone. It rung and he said, "um Jesus? I'm going to be a sunbeam for you." Then he hung up.

April 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged

My friend Maile tagged me with this set of questions. We were great buddies in Jr. High. I remember going on a road trip with her to Vancouver, BC and hollering out the window at every guy we saw. We weren't picky (maybe because we were safe with my Dad driving the family van), we just made the cat calls to anyone wearing pants...and Maile could whistle the loudest.

What were you doing a decade ago?

I was in the middle of my mission in Celje, Slovenia and finally feeling like a missionary. When I entered the Missionary Training Center, it was a rude awakening that I didn't magically turn in to a knowledgeable spiritual giant. ha ha ha. That required more study, prayer, teaching experience and a show of faith than I had previously given myself. But it was in Celje where I looked in the mirror one day and actually recognized myself, wearing my tag, as a missionary for the Lord.

5 Things on my to do list:

1. Make a to do list
2. Put away the clean laundry piled up in my room.
3. File an extension for my taxes.
4. Not raise my voice for one day.
5. Get to church a few minutes early.

5 Places that I have lived:

1. Snohomish, Washington
2. La Celle St. Cloud, France
3. Voronezh, Russia
4. Moses Lake, Washington
5. Panyu City, China

5 Jobs that I have had:

1. Grunt for my parent's property management company
2. Level B pharmacy technician
3. ESL teacher in Russia and China
4. Field staff at Redcliff Ascent, Wilderness Therapy Program for Troubled Teens
5. Driving Instructor and school owner

5 Things people don't know about me:

1. I have one adventure during each of my pregnancies...Disney World, sky diving, Costa Rica. I've also weaned them for Independance Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Jett's pregancy and bottle feeding was easiest on me so I didn't need to plan for which holiday would relieve me :)
2. There's a certain appeal to me for leaving the rain of Washington behind and living in a warm climate.
3. Tymon and I give my parents season tickets to the Paramount Theatre in hopes that we won't wear out our welcome by having them watch the kids while we usher there on a different day. It gets more difficult every year for them...not their age...just that we keep adding children.
4. I go to an aerobics class at 5:30 am 2-3 times per week...it should be 3 times, but lately I've just been too tired to pull my butt out of bed.
5. I'm getting the itch to go on another cruise and experience the fabulous dining...or maybe I'm just hungry.

Next, I tag Tymon, Tina, Katie, Julie and Amber. You're it!

April 8, 2008

County Convention

We went to our county convention on Saturday. There was an amazing turnout. Just over 700 people. I heard that last time there were only 30...of course that may have been an exaggeration, I don't know. The problem was that because so many people came, there were a lot of people who wanted to go to the state convention. In our district we had about 180 of those people. 85 wanted to go to the convention so each gave a 45 second speech and we had to vote on who went. And vote we did...4 times. It took such a long time. After voting for 31 delegates, we had to vote on 31 alternates. Each of the alternates has a number assigned to them. That way there is a preference to who is first or second or third when one of the delegates doesn't show up. Everyone was so sick of the process by the time it came to alternates that we just got the names up on the board...33 in all...and then 2 removed their names...ah good 31...and we verbally voted to accept all of them and have the party secretary draw straws to find out which one was 1st, 2nd, 3rd alternate, etc. Some of the alternates didn't necessarily like that. But I did :) No, we're not going to the state convention. It's in Spokane. What a long haul.

When that was finally all over and time to talk about the party platform (the reason why we came in the first place), we didn't have enough people left over to even discuss anything. We had to have 40% of the 700 to make a quorum and by the time we got the count in, there were only 265 left. A bummer, but good too. I was tired and hungry and ready to go home. It's just disturbing that the party is so messed up with bureaucratic rules that so much time can be wasted on trivial matters. It also disturbed me how some people trashed Ron Paul when he's the only truly conservative candidate and the ONLY candidate in any party who seems to give a rip about the Constitution and getting back to what our Founding Fathers set up. We've digressed so far and if we don't stand up and do something about it, we'll lose our freedoms.

On a similar note, I just heard this week that the mayor of Seattle wants to ban plastic grocery sacks...who is this guy? And quit trying to regulate our lives! We (and many others) use our sacks as garbage liners. So, we're actually saving by not having to buy liners.

In the northwest, we are already being forced to recycle, a practice that wastes far more energy and costs more resources than it saves. The next thing you know, someone will be telling me how much toilet paper I can use per visit to the restroom. Our city is currently building a second high school on top of a landfill, so it's not like the land is useless forever. We put down plenty of asphalt to keep the toxins in the soil and not seeping out.

Anyway, after reading about Afganistan and their political turmoil (thanks Khaled Hosseini) and also about our American Revolution, I find it incredibly intrusive all of the ways the government keeps tabs on the people. Through our social security numbers, they know our banking information, payroll information, tax records, the grades we get in college, which health insurance we have and without too much trouble they can find our medical histories as well as who's taking which medications. They know who owns which types of guns, properties owned, which books you check out at the library, who you call, who you email and oh so much more! If the US were occupied, I'm sure there'd be a variety of problems with information we've allowed to slip through our fingers in the name of "safety". And since when has the government been so trustworthy? Many of our Founding Fathers, especially the ones who signed the Declaration of Independence, lost homes, properties, families, health, prosperity and their lives. They sacrified all and all too often we forget about them. It's only through the modern day war torn countries and people that we get a glimpse at what our own heritage is and what life may have been like for our forefathers.

Boy, this rant went on longer than I expected...

Big Turk

Tymon brought me home a Big Turk from Canada a few weeks ago. It's a delightful candy that happens to be his favorite. For those of you who aren't familiar...this is the Turkish Delight so warmly referred to in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I've never seen it for sale in the U.S. Since he's only eating candy/cookies/desserts on holidays this year, I've been saving it for his birthday next month. It was a terrible discovery this afternoon when I found Evan eating it. Of course Jett was blamed...but then Graeden told me, "I'm sorry, Mommy. I didn't know it was for Daddy's birthday." He had opened it and didn't like it so he gave it to Jett, who I'm assuming shared with Evan. Elliott seemed to be knowledgeable on every account, but doesn't appear to have eaten any. I don't think he has much of a sweet tooth...not like the others, anyway.
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