May 24, 2008


For Tymon's birthday, I arranged a cruise for us on "Paradise," well that's the name of the boat anyway. I'm so looking forward to some sun and no kids. I think this is his favorite birthday ever.

May 22, 2008

Birthday Anticipation

Oh, I can hardly stand it. Only one more day to go and it's Tymon's birthday. I've been keeping a big surprise for him and keeping the secret has just been killing me. I have nearly told him about it on several occations. Luckily, I've always been able to keep my mouth shut...but the wait is almost over!

May 21, 2008

Uncomfortable nights

Oh the joys of sleepless nights! I woke up at 1:30 this morning and just tossed and turned. Was it that I only needed a few hours of sleep? Nah, it's just pregnancy. I made good use of my time by doing some billing and responding to emails from the driving school. It's not often that I have quiet uninterupted moments. I brought Elliott to visit my midwife with me and then stop by the office yesterday. He ran all over the place and at the office, he ate a 1/2 pack of Ritz but got most of it smooshed into the carpet. The great thing is his innocence. "Why did I get crumbs all over, Mommy?" I just don't know...and now it's time to drop into bed, just when I should be getting up to go to aerobics.

May 12, 2008

Welcome Jocelyn!

Jocelyn Johns will be coming to our family this fall and I won't be the only female in the house anymore! She's cute as a button...well as cute as a fetus can be. Graeden and I went to an ultrasound this afternoon and got to see her on the big screen. Graeden got to announce it to his brothers and they are also very excited. Graeden thought that we should have 4 girls since we have 4 boys. Then he said we'd have to buy a bus to 2 busses...Daddy could drive one and I could drive the other. ha ha ha.

May 10, 2008

First Tooth

This afternoon I pulled out Evan's baby book to mark his landmark first tooth breaking through today...then I found that I've missed documenting him sitting up, crawling, eating solid foods and a few other things. I look at my baby book and there is so much that isn't filled in. And the bottom line is that I survived my mom's lack of record keeping so I think my kids should be okay, too!

May 4, 2008


We had the mishamerries (missionaries) over for dinner tonight. The boys just love them. After dinner the boys all climbed on Elder Gibson and wrestled him to the ground. They didn't let up on him for about 10 minutes. He was a little disheveled, but loved doing push ups with 3 monkeys on his back and trying to shake them off of him. Elder Murphy played with Evan. He's got an artificial leg and the boys really like looking at it. It's great that he's not shy at all about showing them his prosthetic. I'm glad that the boys look forward to them coming over. I have fond memories of the missionaries when I was younger. Then I was totally disinterested until I was about 13 and very excited about which ones were cute or not. The flirtations lasted until I was their same got a little awkward then...not just fun and games anymore...and when I was older than the Elders and had actually gone on a mission the infatuation totally disappeared.
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