June 27, 2008

Goodbye Baby, Hello Little Boy

Today marks the monumental turn from baby to boy for Evan. He had his first haircut. It's not that great of a cut...something I would think should be easy enough if I were single with no kids. But I know how nightmarish this first cut and first several cuts can be.



I guess he doesn't like it! Actually, this entire experience with giving 4 haircuts was the best time I've ever had. Usually the boys are very wiggly. Today my visiting teacher came and brought some rice crispy treats. I used them to bribe the boys into my haircutting high chair. It worked like a charm and the day was so beautiful and warm with a nice breeze. It's literally been the nicest day we've had all year.

Along with the treats, I also got out the water table, which contributed to this great success.

June 22, 2008


Last weekend we went to Victoria for a family reunion on Tymon's side of the family. We had a great time. What strikes me as fabulous is how NORMAL Tymon's family is. Many families came and they are so friendly, outgoing and physically active. It seems like everyone on my side is old and they just sit around and talk at reunions. Well, that's fine for old people, but not so much for the younger generation who needs action and excitement. Anyway, I loved the teenaged girls that loved to play with my boys and hold Evan so I could sit around and talk. ha ha ha. Oh no! I turned old.

The great activity of the reunion was the AMAZING RACE that one of Tymon's Victoria cousins put on with the other families that live there. They charted out places in Victoria with significance to the family and we mixed up individual families and then piled into our new team's cars/vans/SUVs and followed the clues to each location. What a great way to learn about the family. Here are some highlights:

Tymon's mom is the little girl in the middle.

The beautiful park from which the race started.

On the top of Mount Douglas, Graeden poses with one of his favorite second cousins, Amber.

The grave of Tymon's grandfather.

The race ended in this church building that Tymon's father was actually baptized in. We had a dinner here and then a talent show. Tymon's uncle and family have an Alberta Indian foster son who did a couple of traditional dances for us. It was amazing.

One of Tymon's cousins got married in Georgia on Tymon's birthday. They had a wedding reception close to where we were staying the night before the reunion. When Jett gets tired, he's started to put his fingers in his ears...like he's had enough input for the day. It's pretty funny.

The ferry ride to Victoria. The boys loved running around.

We sailed from Anacortes and stopped at a couple of places to pick up more passengers on the way north. Here's a shot of Orcas Island in the San Juans. I think we need to come here for a little visit.

On the way home, we took one of the BC ferries. This is a lousy shot but my camera died...it does show one of the MAJOR advantages to taking a BC ferry, though. They have a play room for the kids. (That and the ferry doesn't stop anywhere else so it's only a 90 minute ride as opposed to 3 hours.)

June 12, 2008

Intense Pain

I took Elliott to the dermatologist today and after giving him a numbing shot, she pretty much just took a razor blade to the growth and then cauterized the open wound. He screamed and wailed and begged to go home. When I told Tymon about it, he mentioned that both he and his Dad have the same issues with anesthesia. It doesn't work so well on them and Tymon often needs another shot or two of Novocaine at the dentist so that they can complete whatever work is being done. I'll make a mental note of that one. It really did seem like Elliott could feel the whole procedure (not only to me but to the doctor and nurse as well). He was really loud and I'm sure everyone in the joint could hear him. They gave him two extra shots of Lidocaine to numb the shoulder. The doctor kept asking him not to cry (I guess it increases the blood flow), but I was of the opinion that he should cry to his heart's content. It reminded me of some labor and delivery nurses/doctors who encourage "quiet birth". Yeah right, be as loud as you want. That's what it's about. Yelling, crying, screaming and whining makes the pain bearable.

June 11, 2008

Grosser than gross

Tomorrow, we go to the dermatologist to get this thing taken care of. I thought it was a wart at first (6 or 7 weeks ago). But it has proven to be something else. It's so nasty and like a wart it goes beneath the skin, so cutting it off won't exactly work. The doctor needs to dig it out. All of the red around it is from band-aid irritation. The thing is about 1/4 inch tall and bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. It's stinky, too.

Who eats a lit candle?

That would be Evan for his first birthday, yesterday. I set his cake in front of him while we were singing and immediately he went for the candle. I tried to move it away but the candle was extinguished so quickly! That was the highlight of our night. ha ha ha.

We had a little pizza party with Nana and Bapa and Uncle Brett and Aunt Katie. Graeden picked out the chocolate cake and I picked out the ice cream. It took us 2 days to blow up all of the balloons, but that was all part of the fun. The boys were just thrilled with them and the party and especially the presents. They don't quite understand that the new toys are Evan's. That's alright...he doesn't really understand that they are his toys anyway.

June 8, 2008

Cruise Highlights

We took a morning kayaking trip in Catalina. It was so peaceful and relaxing. We even made a pit stop at the end to check out a little cave that our tour guide said he'd lived in for about 6 months...until he saw a mouse, since mice mean snakes he moved in with a friend the next day.

This is at a blow hole in Ensenada, Mexico...not really a highlight...but pretty to look at.

While in Ensenada, we did a cooking class at the Mango Mango restaurant. It really changed us...

I just loved this elephant our cabin attendant made for us, so when there was a towel folding demo, we went and bought the book that gives instructions on what to do. Here's the zoo we made in our window.
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