July 31, 2008

It's really FINAL this time!

Okay, so after we thought things were final a couple of weeks ago, we had a go around with the bank that got the property from builder #1. Now, we've got ourselves a final deal and even negotiated some perks in there to sweeten it up. Originally, we were supposed to be able to move by Sept. 5th. Now, the close date is set for Oct. 10th. The timing isn't the greatest, but it'll do. With our new deal, we'll also be getting a finished bathroom in our unfinished basement (originally it was just going to be roughed in), a larger deck with stairs to the backyard, and a fully fenced yard. It was really hard to look at the homes in the area that have all dropped tens of thousands in price and to see ours, unbuilt, at the fixed price from last year. We actually made the decision to walk away from this amazing piece of property and beautiful home. It wasn't until we asked for the right form to get our earnest money back that the real dealing began. Our builder Dan gave the banker a call and told him that a fence would cost $6000, which isn't worth nixing a deal for, especially in this market when they had a buyer. He priced out the other options and smoothed things over. He's such a people pleaser! He talked to Tymon and pretty much just patched everything together. Now we feel like we're at least getting a better deal even though the price is the same as when the economy was stronger. Of course, we haven't felt any decline in the economy...that could be because we're in the busy season at the driving school and could put to work a few more instructors if we had them and Panasonic Avionics is growing so Tymon's position there is solid. Of course, it doesn't take a lot to fall into a depression...we just aren't feeling it too much. We are getting our food storage together, though. The time to build an ark is before it starts to rain.
This is a matching house to ours. If you'd like to buy it and live close to us, let me know and I'll hook you up with the necessary info. It is fun picking out colors and stones and stuff. The siding on our house is going up this week.

Water Park

We went to the water pad at Forest Park today with my friend Amber and her son. The boys loved it but got a little cold toward the end. What happened to the sun, anyway? And is that ledge Evan is sitting on really Jocelyn? She's getting quite a bit bigger! I love seeing the countdown clock when I log in to my blog...only 2 more months before she's here.

July 19, 2008

Kla Ha Ya Days

Presenting Evan Johns!!! Winner in his heat for the baby crawling contest and 3rd place in the overall contest. He won a $50 savings bond. He's holding my phone...the motivation behind getting him to the finish line.

Graeden and Elliott both entered the ice cream eating contest. They loved it! I entered the pie eating contest...sorry no pics. Graeden the camera man wasn't in the mood to take photos. I leisurely ate my pie. Oh it was so good and I wanted to taste every bite. The entrance fee was only a dollar for a huge piece.

We also went on a little train ride. Graeden was tired of having his photo taken.

July 18, 2008

House Update

Well, the saga continues...our builder actually lost the property this past month and the bank now controls it. They hired builder #2 to finish our house as well as several others that were in the middle of construction. We met with him tonight and I think that we may be moving forward - FINALLY! His name is Dan and he is just the nicest guy and a great people person. I'm thinking that we'll be much better off and get a nicer house than we would have with builder #1. We'll also get to renegotiate our deal. We decided to move forward without selling our home first so that we could be in the first week of September...but now it looks like with this latest delay that we probably won't be in the home before Jocelyn is born. Well, they're still shooting for September, but sometimes it's beyond the builder's control since they have to wait for the county to inspect each aspect of the building before moving on to the next phase of construction. Anyway, I'm excited again and looking forward to working with this new company.

July 15, 2008

Digging for Dinos

Jett and I brought his brothers back gifts from our trip. We got Graeden and little piece of clay that has a dino inside. You have to use the tools they provide to uncover it. Graeden loved it but kept getting dust in his eyes. So, we found some safety goggles. That made everything better (so did the little crowbar that I gave him to finish up the job.)

July 12, 2008

St. George Temple

We went to the temple today and saw a great pioneer story/movie. I think it was called, "Pioneer Miracle". It was about a girl and her little brother. She led them on a shortcut on a forbidden path. They were in a rock slide headed toward the "Sink," which looked like a crater. She said a prayer for help and she felt a power lift them to safety on the side of the slide that would lead them home. She never told anyone about it and the boy was too small to tell anyone either. It was a powerful movie, especially in the scenes following. When the little boy grew up he was sick with fever and told his family of the incident and about the angels that carried them to safety. When the fever broke, he could no longer recall the event. The father questioned the girl (this was 10 or 15 years later) and she confirmed the story. She wondered why she didn't see the angels and her brother did. Well, he wasn't the one being disobedient.

The Wedding

Tina's dad gave her away. The wedding venue was really nice. It reminded me of a Tuscan winery. Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Crawford.


In St. George, Utah, there is a dinosaur museum at the former Johnson Farm. They found that there was a prehistoric lake here and many dinosaur tracks and some bones. The tracks give clues into how the various species lived and what they did around water. We saw some impressions of them swimming...or the tracks that they left when they were swimming. There aren't so many bones but there are a ton of things preserved in the clay that was once around the lake. I think they found something like 25 layers, which indicates that there were dinosaurs there for thousands of years.

This impression behind Ethan, Tina's son Teancum, and Jett is that of a T-Rex. It's huge!

Here are the boys making etchings and rubbings of different dinosaurs.

Cousins at Costco

Jett and I are in St. George right now for the wedding of one of my mission companions, Tina Bishop. We're staying with my sister, Kristal, and her son, Ethan, is just a couple of weeks older than Jett. We had lunch I thought this was cute of the boys identifying when my sister was coming up behind me.
Jett was pretty tired on the way out of the store. He fell asleep in the checkout line and his head was bobbing back and forth. Ethan started to imitate him by throwing his head back. It was pretty funny. Here's Jett as I was supporting his HEAVY head.

July 9, 2008

The Excitement Never Ends!

The day of excitement began before I rolled out of bed. Little did I know that while I was turning off my alarm and skipping my aerobics class that one of Tymon's uncles who is in town and stayed with us last night was throwing up downstairs. He and his brother and friend left rather early and headed to the hospital. (Turns out that he had some heat issues from yesterday...it's just been so nice and warm here lately.) Tymon went downstairs this morning to find a huge pool of water on the kitchen floor and a traffic cone (painted just like our walls) hanging from the ceiling and dripping water. Later on, I shoved a saw through the ceiling to let the water drain. While I was making strawberry jam, it leaked out and leaked out and leaked out. The plan was to try and isolate the problem. Was it Tymon's shower that's leaking? The toilet? Or the sink? Did the uncles use the family bathroom this morning? The possibilities kept growing. Well, nothing I did seemed to matter in terms of stopping the leak. My shower didn't make it worse. Flushing didn't make it worse. There were no leaks in our bathroom sinks. And I did get my jam canned while I waited patiently for the drip to stop it's steady stream.

Our wonderful neighbor is a contractor and came over this evening and sawed a hole in the ceiling. Luckily, he could see the leak and saw that it was spraying out sideways and so water was pooling a couple of feet away. He tied a bib around it so that the water would at least drip down instead of ruining more of the ceiling. What's also nice is that this pipe is leaking cold water. I'd hate to pay for a hot water leak! As of right now, we have the water shut off to the house so that nothing gets worse in the night. Hopefully, it'll be fixed tomorrow afternoon when our neighbor comes home from work. I won't be here to know...Jett and I will be off to a wedding in St. George. For now, I'm glad I showered this afternoon and will be out of town. Poor Tymon either has to turn the water back on in the morning or stick his head in the water we filled the bathtub with in order to get ready in the morning. Graeden didn't want to stay another minute in this house and wants to spend the night with someone else. ha ha. That's cute. It'll be fun...like we're camping in our own home. No more dishes, laundry, oh this is good :0)!

Independance Day

After our BBQ at my Uncle Larry's house, we headed over to Tymon's siblings' houses for more BBQ and fireworks on the 4th of July. The boys loved the sparklers, smoke bombs and especially the fireworks that shoot high in the air and have a parachute guy tumble out. It's fun for me to watch Graeden immitate older boys as they light something and then simutaneously all back up. He's growing up and doing so many things.

The cousins (spearheaded by Arriah and Breanna) usually present a program of some sort at family gatherings. This one included the Pledge of Allegience, some patriotic songs, and lots of distractions by young Johns' boys. Breanna is singing in the photo below.

Pyogenic Granuloma Update

After being so brutally razored off 4 weeks ago, Elliott's sore is healing nicely.

July 1, 2008


Who gets allergies when they are 30? Me, that's who. I'm now in my 3rd season of them. Right now my eyes are so watery and goopy and I just want to rub them until they come right out. Well, maybe not that much. But almost. I found out today that eating local honey can bolster my immune system so that the pollens don't affect me come spring/summer. BUT then I found out from a couple of my beekeeping friends that you have to eat honey all winter long to be prepared for allergy season.

What's weird is that over the past couple of years Tymon has developed some allergies, too. But he's had itchy throat reactions to simple things like avacados, grapes and watermelon. I think that it'd be good for both of us to be tested. I am having a hard time believing that I'm allergic to the pollen in the air...and who's really allergic to grapes? Maybe it's a pesticide of some sort that's been on the fruit.
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