August 31, 2008


I love it when Evan is so cuddly. He gets a little heavy riding on top of Jocelyn, though. Here's Jett helping share the load by taking care of Evan when we were leaving the park.

So cute...

Play Hard

After we worked at the house yesterday, we ate lunch and went to the children's museum. The kids just love it there and the weather in the afternoon was beautiful.
Elliott shopping for produce. The museum provides these denim shopping bags. Before realizing it was part of the exhibit, Tymon made Elliott take the bag back to where ever he found it. Then when it turned out not to be some lady's bag and there were plenty of other denim bags around, he was able to continue shopping.
Jett and Graeden flying a Boeing 777. Can you picture your next pilot in shorts and cowboy boots standing on the seat? Classic.

Graeden and Jovana dueling it out in a large game of chess. We watched some other kids play. One did fine playing with his mom and then a couple of boys about 10 did terrible. One kid was killing his brother's pieces by jumping them like in checkers. Tymon tried to help them at first...but they really didn't know how to play and the game was going pretty fast since the pieces were dying left and right on every it was good to leave them alone.

Rock Slide

Yesterday, we started the day off by digging and raking rocks out of our new back yard. We want to be ready when it comes time to plant the grass. The yard is so big, though it'll take a long time. Evan was pretty cute picking up a rock for each hand and putting them in the piles. He only did a few "loads" but it was great that he could help a little bit. The boys also picked up the stray nails that were lying around from the deck contruction. When I told them that they could have a penny for each one they got, they scrambled around to find as many as they could. I figured that it was better for them to be looking for them as a way to earn a penny rather than have them step on one. We have enough scrapes and bruises without adding puncture wounds to the list.

I was able to rake for a while but then I needed to sit down as my legs felt like they would be coming out of socket soon. About that time, the boys tired of putting rocks in big piles, which Tymon picked up with the wheel barrow. So, they found a mountain of dirt on the side of the house that they proceeded to slide down. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera on me so you don't get to see any photos of this one. They love it in the yard and I'm glad that we'll soon have a place where they can play outside more (we park two cars in our current back yard so the play area is quite small).

Welcome YO-vawna!

On Friday afternoon, Graeden and I picked up Jovana Paunovic from the airport. She is from Serbia and will be staying with us for the school year.

She already loves the boys and Jett has taken to her quickly. Yesterday, he fell down and was crying pretty hard. I had my arms out to give him a hug and he walked right past me and straight to Jovana. Poor little guy has already learned who's more sympathetic.

August 25, 2008

2 Candles

Jett turned two today. On Saturday, Tymon's sister and her family came over for some ice cream cake. Jett didn't know quite what to do. His cousin, Khasia blew out his candles for him one by one.

We had another little party for him tonight with my side of the family and this time Jett blew out the candles before the birthday song was even over. It reminds me of a Christmas a couple of years ago with Graeden. We opened presents at home, but he didn't really understand what to do. Then we went to my parents house and opened more presents. He began to get interested in them. In the evening we went over to Tymon's sister's house and by that time Graeden was fully aware of what a present was and he never had a problem opening up another present. I don't think Jett will ever wonder what to do with candles on a cake. Yeah! Here he is after devouring his piece of ice cream cake and for dessert finishing off Evan's piece.

He has two favorite toys from the parties. He adores the bear that his aunt Tamara gave him and loves the bubble lawnmower that my parents gave him. I believe he's been pushing it around the house ever since he opened it. And, he cried himself to sleep tonight when I took the lawnmower away because we were trying to read scriptures and get ready for bed.

Blessings and Boys

A friend of mine sent a note today that her toddler daughter died yesterday morning in her sleep. My heart goes out to her and her husband. I often take my boys for granted and really at any time any one of them could be taken from me. Sometimes, when the stress level is high and the obedience factor is low, I wonder what it'd be like if I didn't have them. I just can't think like that. I know I'd be devestated with the loss of any one of them.

Out Cold

What must it be like to be able to sleep anywhere and in any position and not wake up sore? Ah, to live like Evan.

August 17, 2008

Family Camp Out

This weekend we went to Silver Lake to go camping with Tymon's cousins, Roger and Greg. We had a great time and the lake was beautiful. When we set up camp and got our chairs all set out, the boys were estatic to sit in them. However, only Jett likes to say, "cheese!" for the camera.

We have a 4 person tent that we put a couple of cots in and then the boys sleep in the middle. This worked fabulous the first night. Then the second night there was a little "accident" with bedwetting and a little one ended up in my cot with me. When a second boy discovered the accident then he got in Tymon's cot.

Impulse buying at Costco about two years ago, I picked up this pirate kite for $10. Tymon put it together for the first time yesterday and got it up in the air. However, the wind failed us and it never went more than a minute beyond it's maiden voyage. We'll have to find a windy place to take it out again.

School Shopping

Here is a photo taken the other day when we were camping, but the actions were classic of my experience with Graeden shopping for some school clothes a couple of weeks ago. He'd put on a pair of jeans and shirt in the dressing room and then do this little dance-like karate chop movements and then declare, "yup! I like it, let's put it in the take home pile!" It cracked me up. What cracks me up even more is his strong like or dislike of clothing. He likes long sleeved shirts without buttons. If they are orange, they're even better. We talked a little bit about it this weekend and he basically told me that long sleeved shirts protect his skin so it doesn't burn. Well, that's if he wears a shirt at all. The little guy is pretty tan and loves being outside...mostly just wearing underwear. However, if he has to wear clothes then they need to have long sleeves and be pants.

August 14, 2008

Siding and Plumbing

This week our house has siding and shake added and plumbing. I'm so excited to see the progress! I think the stone accents come today or tomorrow.

Stephenie Meyer

My friend, Erin, got me a ticket for Stephenie's book signing and we saw her the other day. It was great to hear some of her insights into the Twilight books and symbolisms that she used. We had pretty good seats, but even so, this is the best photo that I got and I had to doctor it up a bit. The guy with her is a DJ with 107.7 The End radio station. I'm not sure what to think about that...I mean I thought anyone associated with the station would be way too in to smoking pot to have an awareness of much else. But here they are one of the sponsers of an LDS author's book signing tours. Wild.

Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October was on tour with Stephenie as some of his music inspired some of the Twilight characters...namely Edward and some of Jacob. I haven't heard any of Justin's music before, but there were several songs that I enjoyed...and perhaps part of that was because I could relate more to Edward and why he did some of the things he did. He sang unplugged and that probably had something to do with my liking the songs, too. I have a hard time enjoying some music that has been rocked out and have too much electric guitar. It gets sounding like noise after a short amount of time.

The fan base was mainly teenaged girls at the show. There were also several mom's like me and mom's of teens that came. I'd guesstimate that there were between 50-100 males there out of 2300. I saw one dad reading Breaking Dawn before the show started. I liked that. Many of the girls had made their own tee-shirts. Some were funnier than others. I saw several girls that were dressed goth-like. It didn't look like they were dressed up at all - that's just how they dress. Once again, here's me thinking that this type of girl doesn't know how to read, let alone be into a book series. I overheard one conversation between some girls about other vampire series. Here I read the Twilight books for the romance but others read it for the vampires. I also saw some girls I went to college with and haven't seen in about 7 years there and also one from the single's ward in Everett, who I haven't seen for maybe 5 years or so. That was crazy, too. I wonder if there were more that I knew but didn't see in the crowd.

The show and interview lasted about an hour and then we waited to get our books signed. It wasn't so bad. We just stayed in our seats and I got to catch up with Erin and another college buddy, Julie. But it did take 2 and a half hours to finally get to the signing table. Stephenie signed one book per person (no personalizations allowed). Not everyone stayed. But I'm sure at least 2000 of the 2300 did. Here's my book:

I read Breaking Dawn last week on Wednesday. Yes, that is what I did all day. It's the longest yet at 750 plus pages. And my kids still love me...maybe because I let them take two baths and they stayed in the tub for an hour and a half each time. They do love their bath tub time.
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