March 25, 2009

Blue Screen of Death

A few days ago, my computer stopped working. I didn't use it for a day and then tried to boot it up again. No luck. On Saturday evening, Tymon's brother came and helped him diagnose the problem. I thought it'd be fixed...nope. Apparently, this blue screen of death means that the innerds of my computer is fried.

Just yesterday, I was reminded of my time in Russia teaching English. I lived with one of my students for 5 months. I took a lot of photos - it was such a different culture than what I was used to. There were so many new discoveries for me and new places to go and visit. At the end of my stay, I met my sister in Frankfurt and we back packed around Europe for a month. Ahhh, we had some good times and great experiences...even with the pick pockets or fake train conductors asking to see our tickets in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. They were actually thieves...but we didn't recognize that in our groggy state. Well, my camera was stolen. It was okay, though. My sister still had a camera and I only lost a few photos.

I took A LOT of photos while I was in Russia and Europe ... 9 rolls. (Just so you know, Jovana took the equivalent of this many photos while we were in Las Vegas for 3 days. Amazing how digital changes perspective.) I was SO EXCITED to get my film developed when I got home and get to see all of my photos. The memories would flow. It was going to be so great. The only problem was that my camera broke my FIRST month there and I only got one roll of film. I cried. Some of my friends I taught with donated their duplicate photos to me. Those are the ones I display in my photo album. Sniff sniff. I since learned to develop my film right away so that I couldn't lose the photos. I've backed up most of my current photos on the portable hard drive I got for my birthday.

Unfortunately, I did not back up Jovana's photos on my hard drive. And so her situation is similar to the way mine was. Gone are 300 fabulous photos in Las Vegas. Gone are 300 fabulous photos in New York. Gone are 6 months worth of photo memories. BUT she did upload the best ones to like me, she's got a few. But it still hurts just the same.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Have you tried hooking the hard drive up to a working computer as a 2nd hard drive? You may be able to access it that way.

  2. I don't believe they tried that...


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