March 16, 2009

Reminiscing ...

Two years ago this week, Tymon and I stole away on a fabulous 9 day vacation to Costa Rica. I was 6 months pregnant with Evan and we decided that if we didn't go now then it'd be MUCH later that we'd have the opportunity to travel with a band of boys. We left my parents with all three of the boys for a couple of days and then Diane took Jett for a week.

When we'd been gone a couple of days, I received an email from my dad. Being so FAR away from the situation, I found it very entertaining. I had a good laugh and was SO HAPPY to have several days of just me and Tymon time. Just last week, my dad emailed me the photos he was wise enough to take.

The email from two years ago today:


Hope you are having a wonderful time ... The boys are very active and catching us as not being prepared for their antics. I think we are getting smarter about leaving them to their devices.

Yesterday they locked themselves in the bathroom, and they were screaming and crying. I tried to get in and heard the water running. Graeden said he couldn't open the lock (I know he locked it), but after a minute or so of panic and my instructions, he finally got it open. I found a broken glass in the sink, the water running, blood everywhere, and Elliott balling more than Graeden.

He had a fairly minor cut on his finger but had managed to get blood on the floor and walls and bath mats.

Today, Elliott
1) tipped over his glass of chocolate milk,
2) dumped about 5 bottles worth of formula on the floor (I matched the footprints on the carpet with his foot,
3) took a 5 pound bag of shredded cheese and dumped it all over the floor in the kitchen, including all over baby who was asleep in his carrier, and then proceeded scattering it on the dining room floor and into the living room.

I was balled out by mom when she came home for not paying enough attention to them while I was doing the laundry (between poopy diapers), untangling yarn they had tangled up from the store packages, feeding them, washing dishes, rescuing Jett over and over, etc. etc.

Oh well, two down and seven to go.

I love my parents and am grateful for all that they are willing to experience while we have time together and remember why it is we wanted to have a family. It took us a solid week to miss the boys but we were itching to get home at the end.

These photos I've posted of Elliott look pretty bad. Let me reiterate that there is one cut on his finger and ALL of this blood came from that one cut. I wouldn't have thought that possible, but it happened with Graeden when I was a new mom. I didn't realize to what extent he could move around the house when he was just over a year old. I was at my computer and he was playing I thought. I heard him crying and coming to get me. When I saw him, he had blood all over his face, head, hands. I was VERY ALARMED and inspected him up and down trying to discover where he was hurt. After spending several minutes cleaning him up, I found that he had a cut on his finger. One cut and there were bloody hand prints on the wall all the way up the stairs. Blood on the floor, on the kitchen stool (every rung), on the kitchen counter, on the cabinets, on the range hood, all over the outside of the refrigerator and ALL over the apple, cutting board and knife that he'd gotten out to cut up a snack. And I didn't even know he could climb up a stool....let alone onto the counter and get a knife that was kept with the other sharp knives on top of the fridge. Bottom line: that apple owie came from one cut on his finger. Amazing.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Wow, that is a ton of blood. It is truly amazing at how much one little cut can produce.

    Love the email that your dad sent. It is way funny.

  2. Tony & I are about to go away without kids for the first time and I am really hoping there's no blood! I'm glad to read that your parents survived (even if things didn't go totally smoothly!) Hopefully Tony's parents will survive alright too!

  3. Wow. It sounds like boys are hard to manage. Glad its you and not me!! haha. Just kidding.


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