March 23, 2009

Taxed Enough Already

We have had the opportunity to teach Jovana a little about the American Revolution. She doesn't really know anything about it BUT knowing our history is helpful in understanding why we believe and act the way we do. One of the events that set off the 8 year Revolution was the Boston Tea Party. The American Colonists were paying high taxes to the British government on many goods and services, including tea. It got to be so oppressive that they organized themselves to overthrow the British and sought to rule themselves. In the picture, notice that there are some throwing tea overboard and others on shore cheering them on.

As we teach Jovana, we're also being reminded of the historical setting that fueled the dissent. It's an easy parallel to compare those times with our times. We pay a higher percentage of tax on our earnings, property, and goods than our ancestors who started the Revolution were. Consequently, we're enslaved by our government. The result of the recent bail outs (under both Republican and Democrat leadership) is a RAPID decline of our dollar and inflation.

On April 15th, tax day, join our family and other Americans for a demonstration in your city. They are being formed in multiple cities in every state.

Random thought: I was named after Bridget Hildreth Coburn, who birthed and raised her 10 children between 1761 and 1785 in Massachusettes. I think of her now and would love to know her thoughts. Not only as a mother, but as a mother well acquainted with grief during the Revolution.

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