April 11, 2009

Easter Parade

The boys love parades and we were happy to take Jovana to experience her first one. We actually have a strategy for where we watch. We go to the very beginning of the route. As participants start out they are so excited to be moving and not waiting their turn anymore that they give a lot of candy to all of the kids who sit or stand on the curbs. This year Jovana and I got oven mitts, too. By the time the participants get to the end of the route they've run out of give-aways and operate in conservation mode. Uh yeah, that's not for us. We like to get stuff.

Sometimes, the sirens and horns get a little loud.

Who doesn't love the legendary Sauerkraut Band? ha ha ha...old ladies dancing like cheerleaders...priceless. Sorry, I missed getting photos of them. But Rainbow Hair Drummer is pretty fabulous.

I'm not sure what's more unusual...a biker church...or the grandma that's a part of the biker church.

The SeaFair Pirates weren't as big of a hit as they have been in years past. I guess we're just not used to thinking of them as real or being anything other than just an ancient legend.

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