April 20, 2009

Random Shots

I found this adorable photo on my camera...I'm not sure who took the shot, but I love seeing Graeden (and his brothers) totally in to playing with Jocelyn. It reminds me of how they treated Evan. Evan was always played with and protected. Jocelyn will be very much the same in that regard.

My beautiful girls on Easter morning.

Jocelyn is just SO CUTE! I love to see her happy face...even with her hands in her mouth.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. She's an adorable little girlie!

  2. I took that picture, Jocie was a rockin!

  3. I was wondering about that...It seemed to straight to have been Elliott taking it.

    So, not only is Jocelyn rocking...she actually moved her hands forward today to crawl. She can move each one once before falling on her face.

  4. Oh Man. That almost makes me want to have another baby. If only I could get a "girl" guarantee. I'm so scared that I'd have another boy. But that pink dress...and that bow. SO CUTE!


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