May 17, 2009

Graduating to Shrines of Dirt

Yesterday, my brother's wife Katie graduated cum laude from Seattle University's Law School. We were in the nose bleed section and I was pretty happy to have Katie on the big screen.

I guess I don't read invites very carefully, because I thought it started at 11am and that's when Jovana, Jocelyn and I arrived. I knew something wasn't quite right though when they were already reading names as soon as we entered the Key Arena. Katie's brother-in-law (her sister's husband) applauded my good move and wished he'd done the same. So, it really started at 10 am and I guess we missed all of the speakers. We actually looked all over for Katie after the ceremonies but couldn't find her or anyone we knew. We dropped by the Center House on the way out and watched a few Bollywood dance numbers by these cute 10 year old girls and then headed to the parking garage...and happened to run into Katie's sister and parents. So wild. So random. So helpful in finding out which restaurant we'd be meeting at for lunch (Brett's phone was on silent and I didn't have Katie's number programmed into mine).

When we got home later that afternoon (after lunch and shopping), I was delighted to find that Tymon had cleaned our kitchen desk counter and made a little shrine for Evan.

I rearranged it a little by adding a plaque that my college buddy's sister-in-law made. It's great that that counter is clean...and even better that we have a memorial for Evan.

This past week we've had landscapers in cleaning up our back yard. We added 5 truck loads of topsoil.
Let me tell you, I had a really HARD time paying so much for dirt. The lady at the topsoil company told me it was helpful if I didn't think of it as dirt, but rather soil. It didn't help though. To me, no matter how many times it's been filtered of rocks or how many nutrients for great lawn growing have been added, it's still dirt. Like the air we breathe, dirt should be free. There is plenty everywhere. What's undeniable though is how great this rich dark soil looks in our yard. It's beautiful and our yard is taking shape. So, I've almost forgotten the cost. It will continue to look better as the plants I planted yesterday in Evan's memorial garden space grow and bloom. I really look forward to filling our large yard with whatever plants my heart desires. I also want to do a garden...I just haven't figured out exactly where I want it.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. What? No pictures of your dirt??

    I want to see your soil!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. This Evan crafty thing is way cute! I'm so sorry you had/have to face this.

    Hey, the other day, I thought about your "constitution" that you showed me on the mission. Could you post that here so I can change it around for my students and for myself?

  3. Believe it or not, ever since Tymon made Evan's area it has been clean. I mean that counter held all of our papers/old mail/piles of whatever and now it is clean. Who would dare desecrate Evan's memory area? I won't.


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