May 30, 2009

Green Screen

My brother Brett just left after coming over and setting up a little studio in our basement. He filmed Jovana on the green screen doing her interpretation of Voices of Chernoble. It was difficult for me to stay still the whole time. I just wanted to move or cough or use the toilet.

The video will appear on YouTube one of these days...probably after she brings home her first place prize from the National Speech and Debate Competition, which is a few weeks away.

She is really a good sport and wasn't expecting the kind of set up that Brett brought. It's kind of like a pay back for all the mileage that he's gotten out of putting Jovana's face on our advertising at the driving school. Ha ha ha. She's everywhere! She's also got 3 photos (including this one) in our student workbook that we just had printed a couple of weeks ago. The ad below is Brett's latest creation.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. She sure is a cute girl, she has a very marketable face, as Simon from American Idol would say. Can't wait to see the vid.


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