May 4, 2009

My Little Lover

Of all my boys, Elliott has always been a lover. Lover of people. Lover of animals. Lover of back rubs. Lover of bath time. Lover of books. Lover of games. Lover of videos. Simply put, a LOVER.

Saturday, we went to the communion mass of my niece.

We sat in the back, which really worked out well because both Jett and Elliott decided that they needed to use the restroom 3 or 4 times. And yes, the service is only an hour long. At the end, we were waiting to greet my niece and the congregation was leaving. I was sitting down holding Jocelyn and then happened to see out of the corner of my eye that Elliott had fully attached himself to someone's in he's sitting on the foot and has wrapped his body around the leg. I looked up and saw a guy in his late teens or early 20s and his mother.

Here's me: Elliott, do you know that guy?
Elliott: Nope.
Guy: (chuckles)
Guy's Mom: It's okay, we're used to kids.
Me (smiling): Elliott, if you don't know him then you need to get off him.

Awkward silence for me. Great amusement for Guy and his Mother. Elliott hangs on tighter. Guy tries to take a few steps. Elliott still clinging.

Me: Elliott, get off please.

Yeah, I think he was on him 2-3 minutes...which is a REALLY long time to be hanging onto a stranger. So Elliott, this post is for you, my uninhibited little lover.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. What a little sweetheart! And how can you get upset with a darling boy clinging to your leg? :)

  2. What a compliment to the person he hung on to. Kids know who a kindred spirit is.

  3. Hilarious! That is just like him! :)

  4. Oh, I can imagine the laughter :) What a beautiful memory to have of your Elliott!


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