May 12, 2009

Poll Results

Jovana and I were shopping a week or so ago and I wasn't in a very good mood. I can't even remember why right now...and that's probably a good thing. We got what we needed and happened to walk by a sunglasses display. She took these totally '80s glasses off the rack and told me to put them on. They were so cool (she said).

Ha ha ha. I just couldn't wrap myself around them or convince myself to like them.
We did have my camera and took photos...

I see the glasses and immediately think about the show about the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs) that I used to watch as a kid. Erik Estrada was one of my favorites.

Imagine my surprise when I'm checking out Jovana's photos that she took in Leavenworth last Friday and see that she has these glasses on...uh yeah, I didn't know she actually bought them. I now call her Erik Estrada's girlfriend.

So you, my readers...or 15 out of the 18 that voted anyway...concur with my thoughts. The glasses are bug-alicious, totally '80s, and 100% CHiPs.

Bug-a-licious 2 votes (11%)
Fabulously Trendy 3 votes (16%)
Hello '80s! 8 votes (44%)
CHiPs Officer 5 votes (27%)

And Jovana's response to me and all of you?

"Bridget, you look totally gorgeous with those glasses... Those people who don't like it, have no idea about the current trend. (of course with the assumption that I do =])

Your Chips =] "
So there you have it. Maybe I should've bought them and really have been trendy. If only I could reconcile my heart and mind with fashion. When did I get to be so old that I don't know what's in style or not? I think I used to know. My family called me the "fashion police" when I was a teenager. I taught my little brother everything I know and he always looks great. I think it was when I was 19 and in Russia that I learned that you really wouldn't die if you wore black and navy together and then it's all gone down hill from there. Next thing you know I'm going to be buying clothing for Jocelyn's birthday and she'll turn to me and ask what planet I'm from because NOBODY wears stuff like that anymore.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. A couple of things...
    1) I own a pair of glasses just like that.
    2) Brett does always look good, but his clothes don't one point I hid his favorite sweatshirt because he wore it every day for about a month. I also have to remind him that navy and black don't go together, and that no matter how much he loves his green puffy vest, it does NOT match everything.
    3) If you ever want to go shopping for yourself or Jocelyn, I would love to help you pick stuff out!
    4) Thanks for sending Jett over here for Mother's day; it was fun to have him!

  2. I hate to say it but I think Jovana is right - you looked fabulous in those sunglasses.

    When that aviator style (and other crazy 80s stuff - leg warmers, off-the shoulder shirts, ruffled skirts, long necklaces, jelly bracelets) became popular a couple of years ago, it took me some time to wrap my mind around the idea that they were "cool" again.

    And don't worry, your kids will think you are totally the coolest - at least for a few more years! :)

  3. Honey, you look about 15 with those glasses! So, stuck in the 90s maybe? (but that wasn't a voting option)

  4. You DO look great in the glasses and oh...the things we learned in Russia! Great post!


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