May 25, 2009

Tymon's Birthday

Before we left to go camping in Eastern Washington last Friday, we called Tymon up from the basement by telling him that he had some friends who were visiting.

And aren't they a happy bunch? Jovana and I got some new clothes for him and since he was working out next to the wrapping paper in the basement, we had to think of another way to give him his gifts before we left. As we hid the clothing in Graeden's room until we could nonchalantly get the paper, I noticed the stuffed animals and we decided to change our plan a little bit.

Would you believe that the Safeway in Cle Elum doesn't have a bakery? What I really mean to say is, how in the world are we supposed to pick Tymon up a birthday cake while we were camping if they didn't sell any? And the local bakery was already closed for the afternoon? Well, there are always Dairy Queen's ice cream cakes. There wasn't a lot of choice though. I decided against the princess cake and the fairies. I even passed on Transformers as Tymon just watched that movie and didn't have much positive to say about it. I ended up with the best choice ever...Cowboys. See Tymon's surprise and excitement below.

Right after this he did a knee slapping hoe-down clap. The cake was a hit. How often do you get ice cream while camping?

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Happy Birthday Tymon! Were you guys at Ensign this weekend? We were there, and would have loved to have seen you. Hope all is well. We will have to get together soon.

  2. Ice-cream cakes are the best and I imagine they're even better when camping! Happy Birthday Tymon!

  3. HB to your dude! You get the best wifey in the world award. Plus your house is very clean right before you leave it with small children and a teenager in tow. I now have a love/hate/love/admiration/what the hale is wrong with me that I can't do that before I leave on a trip? relationship with you.

  4. Thanks for not posting the knee slapping hoe down picture =)


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