June 25, 2009

Evan's 2nd Birthday Party

Evan's grave looked fabulous for his first birthday in heaven. I didn't know what to expect out of me (emotion-wise), but I held together just fine. Only a couple cry sessions. Not too bad, really.

We bought a little helium tank and filled enough balloons for our family to each have two. It got a little windy and the strings all twisted together, though. So we had to "cut" them apart using the jagged edge of the car key.

So many friends and family came to celebrate Evan's birthday. There were some people across the way planting at another grave who looked over at us a few times. I'm not sure this many people have gathered at a cemetery before with so many balloons.

Going ...
Evan visited these three boys in the hospital when they were just a day old and he was two weeks old. It's really strange for me to grieve the friendship that these boys would have shared if Evan were here.
My sister-in-law made this cupcake masterpiece. Those are balloons flying off the number 2. It's just perfect.
There is some serious air with this toss.
I am also sending Brett and Erin a happy thank you for coming, participating and capturing the memories for us on film.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Thanks for the beautiful post, Bridget. I love all of the colorful balloons at the cemetery; it's a magical way to celebrate Evan's life. I was at work & then YWs that day, and while I don't have any pictures of a balloon release, I constantly thought of the many balloons I'd release for your little guy.

  2. Happy Birthday Evan, what a wonderful celebration of his life!

  3. That is a cupcake masterpiece. How wonderful and creative! There is something cathartic in sending off balloons to celebrate a memory. We sure did enjoy being able to participate.

  4. We were so honored and thankful to have been there with you and your family Bridge. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us! We love you!


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