June 3, 2009

First Thing

I was a bit surprised yesterday when Tymon got Graeden to put on a pair of shorts. He has been opinionated about clothing for some time now. He usually insists on only wearing a long sleeved tee shirt (definitely NO buttons or polo shirts) and long pants. Even if it's hot. Even if the sweat is dripping off his face. I thought that the short sleeved tee shirt Tymon put on him 3 days ago wouldn't happen again. Then yesterday after Graeden put on shorts for about the 3rd time in his life (besides swimming trunks), Tymon pulled that same tee shirt out of the dryer and Graeden willingly wore it. I was amazed. I should tell you that it's pretty warm in Seattle. We haven't seen rain in a few weeks. Yesterday it was over 80 degrees (26 celcius). He really has been hot in his long sleeves and pants.

Then the first thing he did this morning after waking up is take a little bike ride. Now it's time for breakfast. Sometimes, I just really want to know what goes on inside my kids' heads. What propels them or inspires them to do the things they do? They are each so unique and individual and really so much fun.
Graeden was a little surprised to see that Elliott was wearing this shirt last summer (see side bar photo). "Mom, he was like 3 then. And wearing a size 5 shirt?!" Ha ha ha.

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