June 12, 2009


Jovana and 591 of her closest friends walked through the high school graduation ceremony last night. I must say that they did an excellent job reading the names. It was very fast...for 591 names, 591 trips across the stage, 591 diplomas and 591 hand shakes.

Jovana was invited to sit on the stage with the 4 valedictorians. She read the names of all of the exchange students. That is such an honor. And well, let's face it, none of the school officials wanted to take a stab at some of those names, especially Rattanabongkod Kitrattana from Thailand. Jovana did an awesome job and all of the names just flowed.

Where she was sitting, we got a close up view of Jovana for most of the ceremony. It was all she could do to keep from looking at the monitor. Of course, it would have been funny if she'd waved.

In the middle of things, Graeden asked for a dollar so he could go and buy a licorice rope. He worked it out with Tymon to have it taken out of his allowance and got Tymon's last dollar in his wallet.

After Graeden returned from the consession stand we had the following conversation:

Graeden: Licorice was really $3 and not one dollar, Mom.

Me: So how'd you get the licorice.

Graeden: A man gave me two dollars.

Me: That was nice of him. Did you thank him?

Graeden: (aghast) No. He just gave it to me.

Here is Jovana with some of her super talented friends.

Congratulations Jovana! You've graduated high school! I hope your Serbian school officials don't get all of the proper documents and send you back to complete another year with us. I mean, we wish you well with your future studies and hope that you'll come back to Washington and study here. I know a great family you can live with. They'd even let you sleep in the princess room.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. How wonderful! What a beautiful person to have as a part of your family now. Think of the extra layer of culture that your kids will always have, even the youngest will know to raise their hand and comment if something is mentioned about the country of Serbia. We had our student, Armando live with us for a year, seven years ago, we still are in contact but I miss him so much. I just cried and cried the day we dropped him off at the airport. You are the best host mom, ever.


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