July 23, 2009

Broken Home

Sometimes, our boys tell us things that confuse reality with the land of make believe. Like they get on our Wii Fit board and tell us that the carpet is water and they can't touch it. Or they make massive forts and live in them. Sometimes, when they go on secret missions it's necessary to retreat. And my hilarious boys run around the house yelling, "Abort! Abort!"

Occationally, their stories are real. Like the time Elliott and Jett came to get me to show me all of the bees outside their window. I was curious to see what they were really talking about. Certainly, it would be something funny.

No, very serious.

They had a HUGE wasp nest just above their window. We sprayed it adn then Tymon knocked it down. It's hard to believe how big this got without us even knowing. And it was right outside the window. We're lucky that none of us were stung.
When Tymon decides that he doesn't want another creature in our yard, then he just knocks them down. Imagine this cat's surprise when he found out he was the target of Tymon's next obsession...getting him out of our yard, too.

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  1. Oh, that is scary. Michael once started running back and forth from the front porch to where I was visiting with my friend in the kitchen, he then started saying, "hey, come see this snake". So I "humored" him only to find a huge king snake sliding off the porch into the bushes. Needles to say, I check everything out now.


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