July 29, 2009

Double Takes

The last week or so Jocelyn has been causing Tymon and I to do double takes on Jocelyn. She loves to stand and play with a toy. Sometimes we think she took a step, but then our minds tell us, "no she just wobbled...that wasn't a step." Well, our minds are no longer playing tricks on us. Last night on a handful of occasions our little baby girl took 4-6 steps at a time. She is exactly 10 months old today...and I suspect that she'll be our earliest walker...but we'll see. As of now, Elliott holds the first place record by walking at 10.5 months, Graeden walked at 11 months, Jett was walking at 12.5 months and sweet Evan decided to walk at 13.5 months.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Congratulations Jocelyn! Bridget, how do I become one of your blogger buddies with a link to my blog jimandkristal? Did you notice I blogged last weekend? Love, Kristal

  2. Wow! I just read like ten entries of your blog! What a fun summer you must be having. I heard you guys are getting as hot as St. George at times! What's up with that!? Jocelyn is certainly getting bigger! FUN!


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