July 1, 2009

If You Plant It, It Will Grow

I didn't get a garden planted this year...but we did plant fruit trees for each of the kids. This year, we harvested Graeden's entire 4 Variety Cherry tree in a matter of seconds. That doesn't mean it was empty...no it does not.
Here is Graeden with his solitary Sweet cherry. There were two Rainier cherries and I got to eat one of those.

This is Jocelyn's apple tree. We have two apple trees. The larger tree is Jovana's, but it has nothing on it, yet.

Elliott wanted grapes.
Here we see some of the green table grapes. We also planted purple ones, but those haven't produced anything that we can see, yet.

And Jett's Italian plums and Evan's 5 types of pears have yet to show anything. But all in all, 3 for 7 with fruit is pretty good for first year transplants.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Italian plums? That sounds delectable. We've done pretty well with our garden as well. I actually enjoyed an entirely grown from my yard garden salad, due to the fruits of (mostly) my (husband's) labors.

  2. I love it, that is so great that you have done that with your kid! enjoy! hopefully next year, your get a lot more!

  3. What a writer you are! I haven't been online and had to catch up with all that has happened this month. Wow! From the birthday party to Jovana moving, that is quite a bit. And all the drivers ed stuff, too! It is interesting how some people come into our lives and then go out. I don't understand it all, but I guess the Savior does. He sends the love you need when you need it. I'm so glad that you had Jovana this year. As I teach, I try not to get close to my students because I know they'll leave. But maybe I miss out on a lot of good experiences and maybe they miss out on who I really am. You are very brave. Keep it up!


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