July 17, 2009

Packaging Overload

Tymon and I got new desks yesterday. My brother brought his big work van to Costco and helped me transport them. They were so big and heavy. Thank you Brett! What's crazy is how well they were packed. There was so much foam and cardboard.

Here's Tymon attaching the hutch to the desk.

And luckily it was garbage day today. Here's most of the cardboard. We did save one big box. I felt bad for cutting it all up when a box is the best toy a parent can provide a child. They had fun today with their bus...or boat...or airplane...or bathtub. And it was all things to each boy.

Unfortunately, you don't get to see the finished project. It's my goal to get our home office organized this summer and desks were just part of the equation. Once we've cleared the boxes and gotten shelves/filing cabinets, taken our things out of boxes (no rush - they've only cluttered the room for 9 months), put them away and hung a picture or two then I'll post an office photo.

Right now, I'm posting as I kneel at my computer because I have to clear enough stuff from around the desk to fit my chair's roller pad under it. My knees hurt, so it's probably time I did that instead of blogging...

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