July 27, 2009


A few weeks ago, I met a young lady in church that I'd never seen before. Her name is Robyn and it turns out that I recognized her last name. I asked her if she was related to anyone in Bellingham. It turns out that her brother married one of the most phenomenal women I have ever met...Juanita Gentry.

Juanita went to college to learn to become a teacher. I met her while she was doing the student teaching portion of her degree. She taught in a classroom with several young special needs students. She told me stories about her class and patiently answered my questions with how in the world she accomplished things. Juanita was born in South America. When she was young she had a dibilitating disease that left her blind. Through a series of events she ended up in the United States in foster care (a few different homes if I remember correctly) and going through medical treatment to help her new medical issues.

Juanita walks with confidence. There is no hesitation due to her visual challenges. Her other heightened senses guide her path. She teaches with confidence. Her young special needs students didn't know or realize that she was blind. They listened to her and accepted her teaching. This woman can do anything because she hasn't limited herself by her circumstances. She is truly remarkable even though I'm sure she feels overwhelmed at times, just like the rest of us. I now hear that she is pregnant with her third child. Her first two pregnancies were physically trying. I wish her well with this one. I know how difficult it can be to be sick and pregnant and have young children being curious when you don't have the energy or will to stop them from getting into things. I hope her children are good to her and have learned to pick up their toys. But if not, Juanita will pull through. She's got amazing will and determination. She is her own dream maker. She has a wonderful husband at her side and one day she will have her sight back. How strange and wonderful that will be for her.

I just realized that Juanita probably doesn't surf the internet. Unless they have some super duper braille computers. That probably means she doesn't ignore her children to post on a blog. ha ha ha.

When Robyn came over yesterday for lunch the boys went wild. I mean running around hooping and hollering for 10 or 20 minutes. It was all I could do to even introduce them to our guest. They also called Robyn a bad guy. I didn't get it until Jett said the blessing on our lunch. He prayed his thanks for his Mama and Daddy and his siblings (even Jovana gets a mention every so often) and then he said he was thankful that Robber could come. Yes, that would be Robyn, our lunch guest...the bad guy. Ha ha ha...I'm sure it's not good to chuckle during prayers...but sometimes I just can't help it.

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  1. LO--freaking L! So funny. Did she have a pretty good laugh as well?

  2. that is too funny! Hope all of you laughed.


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