July 12, 2009

Sunshine and Thunder Storms

We have had absolutely beautiful weather in Seattle this summer. Really sunny and really nice. I actually take water to the cemetery to water Evan's flowers as it hasn't rained much. And I think about our naked fence and half-stained deck and refuse to allow us to waste such warm weather.

Yesterday, the kids and Tymon and I made a to-do list. I only wanted to do two things. Hang 5 pictures and finish staining the deck. I spent so much time doing the deck that I didn't get to the first goal. And that's okay. Sometimes, just getting a goal written down will get you to do part of it.

I'm wondering if I picked the wrong thing to do on my list, though. We got some thunder storms and rain last night. So far, the water is bubbling up on the deck...but I may be left with spots later... no problem...I'm sure the 6-8 hours of 70 degree weather helped it to dry completely and it's supposed to be beautiful and sunny and warm for the rest of the week. It was just one day of pouring down rain.

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