July 6, 2009

Tears of Joy?

On Saturday, we had a fun-filled and PACKED day. I took Graeden and Jocelyn to a flag raising at 8am. We heard a veteran speak a little about his experiences in the military. He served for 27 years, I think. He was in the first Gulf war and a POW for a short time. He talked a little about the American cemeteries in Europe. As he listed numerous cities with tens of thousands of American troops, I felt both saddened that so many died and also happy that my fellow countrymen help free Europe and establish free governments that are run by the people instead of dictators.

Afterwards, I picked up the family to go to a big Independence Day Parade. It was a great parade. My favorite group was what I thought was an XBox marching band. In looking for information about them, I found the same uniform they were wearing on the Seattle Sounders website. And well, it does make a lot more sense that a soccer team would have a marching band rather than XBox. So, seriously, I'm watching a parade and there are so many others around and my eyes are welling up with tears. HUH? I'm at a parade. There are bands, firetrucks, ethnic groups, dancers, drill teams and so much more and I'm teary-eyed? Yup. Upon further analysis (because let's face it, there wasn't a good reason to be emotional), I found that I am so happy that there are thousands of community people around me and we're all enjoying the same thing. It was a common denominator. A unifying thread. When there is always so much to divide us, at this point, we were all just people and having a great time at a parade. Even the Chinese dancing group had American flags hanging off the sides of their banner. Beautiful.

We also went to a BBQ at my uncle's on the lake and then had another BBQ and lit fireworks at Tymon's sister's house. It was great to spend time with the family and cousins.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Parades always make me want to cry, too... I like your analysis. Mine's probably just because I didn't get enough candy when I was a kid one time.

  2. I love it! I cry at patriotic events, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


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