August 21, 2009

Birch Bay

We arrived in Birch Bay on Wednesday evening to meet up with my family for a little retreat. After dinner, we took a little walk on the beach and the boys threw rocks into the water with their cousins and uncles. When it was time to leave we discovered that Jett had taken off his flip flops. We searched. It was dark. No shoes. My brother got a flashlight to search for them. Nothing. It was high tide and they were gone. Jett experienced the natural consequence from taking his shoes off at the beach in the dark with a shifting tide.
Thursday morning, the tide was out so far. It took us 15 minutes to walk out from the high tide mark to the low tide mark. My mom was with us and began to search the beach where we were the night before. I thought it was a waste of time. There's no way the flip flops were still there. They are foamy and floaty. And would you believe that she actually found them in the seaweed line along the beach? Amazing. It's so unbelieveable. So believe it. Jett experienced the natural consequence of having a loving Nana who didn't want him to go without shoes.
Uncle Brett and I with Jocelyn.
Uncle Brett loves photoshop. And I love that in the matter of seconds he cut 20 pounds off of me. What's my jean size here? A two? Yes, I believe that's a size 2 bum.
Poor Jocelyn was a little cranky...she certainly got heavy when she fell asleep.
And at times she looks like Evan.

I love these photos of Elliott. Often, he shies from the camera...and if he knew these were being taken he probably wouldn't have looked so good. Thanks to Uncle Brett's big telephoto lens, he didn't know.

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  1. Jeri and I were looking at this together. Shhh, don't tell the boss... Anyway, before I saw what you had written, I looked at the baby and I said to Jeri how much she looked just like Evan in that picture and then you said it too!

    I love the size 2 bum. I have some pictures I'd like to send him ;)

  2. Hi Bridget, I love the photos (esp. the ones of Jocelyn)! I'm glad that you guys had such a nice little vacation. You deserve it. I wish I could live in photoshop mode. Getting dressed would certainly be easier!

  3. Of course you were looking at work. We love Birch Bay looks like you had a great time.

  4. your kids are getting so big! I've never seen them in person, but just as an attentive reader I've been able to see how much they have grown! Especially Jocelyn! So adorable! Great job Momma!

  5. Love the size 2 bum! Every once in a while there is a magic picture from the perfect angle and the perfect lighting that makes me look that way- thank heavens for those photos!

    Adorable beautiful kids you have!

  6. What a fantastic day! I love the look on all the kid's faces - pure joy! And wow on your mom finding the shoes! Miracle!


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