August 2, 2009

So Good

One of the best things in the world, I've discovered, is my raspberry jelly. There really isn't any other jelly that can compare. First, you take a bucket of raspberries (or 3 in our case - we did process one bucket for my mom) and pour off the juice.

Mix in a little pectin and a lot of sugar and cook it up a bit and you get heaven on earth. It's really so simple. And pour it in jars and it lasts all year long.

But what to do with the cancer fighting and intestine cleaning seeds? Fruit leather! Graeden looked forward to this for a couple of weeks. He kept talking about how the fruit roll ups at the neighbor's house were so great and he is fascinated with the concept of making our own. Don't look too hard at my wooden of the joys of a new gas stove is realizing that it can get hot and if you leave the spoon on a burning hot pan then it will burn, too.

Our finished product.

We took a few little jars of jelly to our new neighbors. Well, two of them, and actually they moved in a couple of months ago...but it's better late than never, right? What's potentially terrible or marvelous is that we had three little jars that the lids didn't seal. So, I put them in the fridge and am thinking that I'll give them away to people that I know that would eat it right away and not put it in their pantry. Well, I checked those jars in the fridge and their lids are either they made a marvelous and miraculous sealing OR I gave the wrong ones to the neighbors. I hope they eat it before a pretty mold grows in it and then they wonder what kind of sick-o neighbors they really have.

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  1. Oh, did you make a bucket for us too??? jk :)


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