August 5, 2009

Elliott's Wisdom

Elliott: Graeden, I tasted one of these before (holding a tomato out of the dinner salad) and it was good. That's why you should always try new things.

For the past couple of years, yes years, the boys have said they didn't like tomatoes. We heavily encouraged Elliott the other day to try a tomato when Graeden wasn't around. He did it, liked it and earned dessert. I love now that he's trying to teach Graeden to try new things :o). Graeden actually discovered that he like tomatoes a month or two ago.

Sometimes, I don't know if I'm helping or harming my children by "forcing" them to eat everything I serve, especially after making them eat a pilaf that I made yesterday. Jocelyn and Jett liked it. The big boys took all afternoon to eat it.

I am encouraged that Graeden's first 3-syllable word was artichoke and he even asked this evening when we were going to have those again. Um, when they're on sale of course! I hope that my children will try many foods in the upcoming years. I am sure they will find some culinary treasures along the way.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I have one rule in my house when it comes to eating. They have to try it. They don't have to love it, they don't have to even eat it if they don't like it. They just have to try it.

  2. I just saw Evan's name in the sand...what a beautiful picture!

  3. I completely agree with making them try new foods. I always make my kids try what I cook and if they don't like it then fine.


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