August 2, 2009


Sweet Graeden. He's such a delight. And definitely a people and party lover. We go to church in the same congregation as my parents. We usually sit in the middle somewhere and my parents sit in the front row to the side. They've sat in the front row to the side for decades. Occasionally, we'll sit in the second row behind them. But mostly, after the first couple of songs and after we've partaken of the sacrament bread and water, we let one of our boys go and sit with Nana and Bapa. They love it and have learned to walk reverently with their arms folded to the front of the chapel and sit with their grandparents. It was Jett's turn today, but that only lasted 10 minutes. So, when he came back, it was Graeden's turn to go.

After the service, Graeden was talking about making rolls with Nana. I didn't think much of it and sent him off to class. After church, we gave my parents Graeden's booster seat so he could go to their house. Again, nothing so unusual there. Often one of the boys will go to spend the afternoon after church with them.

So, my parents brought Graeden home at 6 o'clock and they brought a pan of rolls with them. Apparently, that was the appointed time that Graeden had given them. It went something like this:

Graeden: You're supposed to come over for dinner at 6 o'clock.
Nana: Okay

A few minutes later...

Graeden: Nana, you're supposed to bring rolls.
Nana: Well, if I'm bringing rolls then you will need to help me make them.
Graeden: Okay. But you need to be sure to come at 6 o'clock because you have to leave at 8 o'clock. That's when we go to bed.
Well, we had a quick meal of hot dogs, salad and chips when we got home from church. So, Nana and Bapa were a little surprised that we had nothing prepared for them. I did serve them a hot dog and piece of left over pizza. And of course we had plenty of rolls. I'm still laughing that Graeden really did invite them over and was clever enough to give them a time. My mom didn't think to ask me about it because Graeden had been so specific about the time. Only an adult would be so specific, right?! Ha ha ha.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. That's so great! My husband and I had a good laugh. Kids can be remarkably clever at times.

  2. How Perfect! I love that your kids are so close to your parents. What an amazing element that will add to their lives and who they choose to become.

  3. That boy knows how to get some yummy rolls! Girl, you might be in for some trouble in the years to come.

  4. That was the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. I laughed out loud.


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