August 18, 2009

Jett's Party

Yesterday, we celebrated Jett's third birthday because Tymon and I will be celebrating our anniversary next week on his birthday. One of my friend's daughters planned it and led the games. Here is a dance freeze game and some photo highlights.


We gave him a scooter and the first thing he says is "Oh a scooter! That's dangerous!" He is so fun to watch open presents. He loves everything and it makes you feel so good that you chose a winning gift. The best reaction was for my brother and sister-in-law. I can't remember now what he said but when he opened the gift he exclaimed something like, "Oh Wow! I love it!"

Something that I didn't realize before was how few friends Jett has that are his own age. There are only 2 kids his age in his class at church. Most of the time when he's playing, he's playing with his brothers and neighborhood kids who are older than him. I wanted Jett's party to have his friends at it and there just aren't that many, especially when some kids couldn't come. Graeden called me on it, too. He was disappointed that more kids didn't come. I think I'm going to have Jett in preschool this year, so he can make some more friends and next year have a little bigger party.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. hahaha =]
    I love their dance game =]

  2. eh, you know what? The kids that were there, are the kids Jett loves the most. My sons are all so close with each other and their cousins, so they are his best friends. Who was the kid in the orange shirt that was doing the butt slap dance? Those are the one's he'll grow up with, show the video to, and they'll laugh themselves silly for years to come. So are fantastic mom!

  3. That would be Graeden (5) doing the butt slap dance. ha ha ha.


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