August 16, 2009

Local Town Hall

This past week, I took my children to our local town hall meeting with Rep. Rick Larsen. I left early when I ran out of patience for my rowdy boys and wiggly and fussy girl. Luckily the meeting was moved to the local baseball stadium because there were a ton of people there. The estimate was that 2400 people were in attendance.

I've got a few problems with this health care bill. Government has never taken over anything and done it right. Not the post office, not medicare and not even the DOL or DMV. It is wishful thinking to assume that they can take over healthcare and not have issues. Except if there is too much bureaucracy then there are delays in getting the type of care you need in a timely manner. I do NOT want goverment anywhere near my healthcare.

I also came away with a distaste for Rick Larsen's attitude at the town hall. He seemed like he was being nice by asking us what works and doesn't work in the current system. BUT the first thing he did was chastise the crowd for POTENTIALLY being too loud when someone was talking. He instructed us not to cheer or boo when someone was talking. Who is this guy? And how did he get elected? I actually think that if you want to know who of the 2400 people agree or disagree with what is being said then the sounds of the crowd are the quickest and most effective form of communication.

I didn't like that he spoke in a condescending tone to the crowd numerous times. He seemed to spend more time defending HR 3200 than listening to his constituents who HIRED him to REPRESENT them. He didn't come to listen. He came to convince us that for most of us nothing would change and that for a small percentage there would be ObamaCare. We were all concerned about nothing. The government has our best interest at heart. What a crock. This is a HUGE deal to change the ENTIRE system for such a small percentage of people. And it conveniently invites the government into our private lives. What would/could they do with information such as this? It really makes me wonder what will happen in September when congress is back in session. I'm pretty sure there will be some drastic consequences to ramming this health care bill down the throats of the American people.

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  1. Teage's sister :-) I love to check in every now and then and this entry got me on a roll. Way to speack up. I keep wondering where honest politicians disappeared to....take care! Hugs! ~Tawna


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