August 2, 2009

Sand Box

I've actually been feeling a little guilty that I haven't been blogging about some of our great accomplishments and activities this summer. I think of poor Jovana starving for stories of the boys and think that she deserves more...

So, here goes. Seemingly out of the blue, Tymon decided that the boys needed a sand box. It was going to be a 3 hour project. Little did he know that it'd take nearly that amount of time to get the supplies. He had to do 2 separate loads for the sand alone.

The boys are quite excited with the project. I'm excited that Tymon is building something. He's done a fairly good job the past several years convincing me that he's not handy.
This is the place. I think the sprinklers used to hit this area of the yard...but sometimes boys playing around the sprinkler head cause them to redirect themselves. The grass has had a tough time growing here...never fear...the weeds love it.

Graeden was so excited to help remove what little grass we had.

But mostly it was Tymon working.

Of course, I always work faster if I have a small child jumping up and down around my project or hanging onto my leg while I'm making dinner.

It looks sturdy... but we had to stop here as we were already late to the pioneer activity.

Never fear, Dad works late. He came back and lined the box as it was getting dark out.

So, Tymon and his brother work out a few times a week together after work. Part of their routine was hauling 57 bags of sand to the back yard. Each bag weighs 50 pounds (almost 23 kilos). The boys were so excited. When the sand started going into the box they had to get in immediately. Our neighbor brought all of his sand box toys over to start playing right away.

It was great to see how excited the boys are about a box. They just love to dig and it's this or in my flower beds...the box is needed.

Tymon would cut the bags open and then the boys would get the sand out of them.

They loved making sand angels.
Now the only problem is the amount of sand in the house. We need an outdoor shower!

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Way to go, Tymon, but I think the best part of this post is that Graeden is in his underwear. Haha!

  2. Notice he got his clothes on when the neighbor came over. Ha ha ha.


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