August 2, 2009

Science Project

Friday morning, after Graeden watched Sid the Science Kid he asked me to cut up an apple for him. He was going to make apple sauce. I was concerned at first because I was doing some scripture study and didn't want to supervise (once interrupted I don't get to finish). But I also don't want a big mess. Then I found out that Graeden wanted to make it in the microwave. Ahhh, I can handle that.
A little while later, I found a bowl of apple slices in water sitting on the table. I guess it didn't go as well as he planned it. I got Graeden and we transferred it to a little pot and put it on the stove. He loved to see how the apples changed with heat. He also learned to spell cinnamon as he looked for that spice in the cupboard.
Graeden made the best apple sauce ever. It was really good and now he knows that he can do it. I love that he can be handy in the kitchen. Learn his ingredients. Practice the science of cooking. And love to create great things.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Pass on some of those patient mama teaching skills, why don't ya?

  2. Thank you so much! Are you saying that I've got you fooled? I rarely have a patient mama teaching moment.

  3. I think it is pretty funny when the kids watch something on tv and then want to copy it out here in "real life." Or when my kids see something, ahem, growing in the fridge, and tell me that it's "decay." Thanks, Sid the Science Kid for teaching my kids such great concepts...


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