September 5, 2009

Before and After


The C.A.R.S. bailout for auto-makers pumped another $3 Billion into an industry that doesn't have much business sense. Yet they have a lot of political clout. I just don't get it. We, the taxpayers, are giving a bonus to companies who have failed.
I think the government wasn't acting in good faith. I just found out that our beautiful new family car comes with a higher pricetag than our lovely new car payment. Not only do we have to pay the sales tax on the $4500 rebate (about $450), we also have to pay federal income tax on the same amount as earned income (approx. $1250-$1500). So, in essense, I don't think we saved anything by taking part in the bailout. We could have sold our Durango and bought a pre-owned car and come out ahead.
Before: Spontaneous adventures and eating on the run.
After: Reliable adventures and eating on a curb in a fabulous parking lot.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Nice and clean =] I love it =]

  2. It is lovely. I do love it. I also hate that we fell for the clunker hype. I found out today from some of Tymon's Canadian cousins that Canada has a clunker program. It doesn't give as much for the cars, but the rebate IS tax-free and you can buy a car that is up to 4 years old. That sounds more about the enviroment to me rather than a stimulus to car-makers.


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