September 15, 2009

Elliott's School Saga

When the little guy is begging me to go to school....
And the school district refuses to admit Elliott into kindergarten because he is 4 (even though he met or exceeded the required score on each of 6 tests to get in)....

We ended the 2 week fight and enrolled him in a private school.

And now I know that being a strong parent advocate is not enough when stacked up against a bunch of "intellectuals" at the school district. Apparently, they know more about my child's readiness for school than I do. And that irks much so that I looked up when the 5 member school board is up for re-election. It pains me to know that 3 of them will be voted in again in November. They are all running unopposed.

That will NOT be the case when the other two are up for re-election in 2 years. I am hoping that I can get several real people (including me) with real children and real educational needs on the board. And now that I know when the filing deadline is, I will be better prepared in June 2011.

I actually don't know anything about the current school board. Only that they hired the superintendent, who hired the staff that refused to listen to a parent. And when I sought help from the school board president to appeal the decision, he didn't even have time to respond to me. He had the superintendent's secretary contact me. Apparently, there is no way to appeal a decision made by our superintendent. Yup, that was disappointing and upsetting. I urge all voters in my school district to WITHHOLD your vote for these school board members. Why vote for anyone unopposed? And why vote for anyone who refuses to listen to his constituents? But if you must vote, just write in my name on the ballot...
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