September 9, 2009

School Schmool

For Graeden's first day of school, I made him a little Graeden on his lunch sack. He liked it.

Here are all the kids at the bus stop in our neighborhood. The only thing is the bus driver is new to this route and he missed our stop today. After waiting 30 minutes, a couple of the neighbors ended up taking all of the kids. Of course, they were all late.

I spent the rest of the day working on getting Elliott into a school. We toured two and I have had a lot of contact with our public school district. I'm sad to say that parents don't have a lot of influence over their children's education with these bureaucrats. I am so disappointed with our district. Last year I didn't volunteer at all with the school. And with 3 kids at home, it made sense. This year (hopefully), Elliott will be in a private kindergarten somewhere and Jett will be in preschool and I'll have a few hours where I can volunteer in the schools.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I am so happy my bus was always punctual. Sometimes, there would be a sub so he would be late, but only for couple minutes. And then, when I would think I missed it, the good yellow bus would show up. Imagine I was late and I had to wake you up to give me a ride on a working day (as well). I think you had enough of those Saturday mornings when you were so GREAT and willing to get up early (sometimes even 5:30 am... just so people can know how awesome Bridge is =]) and give me a ride so I can get on time for the bus and head off to a debate tournament. THANK YOU BRIDGET =]


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