September 16, 2009


Today, Jett, Jocelyn and I had lunch at Evan's graveside. My emotions are very close to the surface as we approach Evan's Angel Day. We wonder what life would have been like. Would he have taken Jocelyn's abuse (she likes to hit others and sit on their face and other such things) like Jett accepted his? Or would he fight back? Would he still be climbing up everything he sees or would he have taken a serious fall and learned a little fear? So many thoughts. So much love for our little guy.

Thank you to Evan's sunflower giver.  What a pleasant surprise to find today. You remembered our boy when you didn't have to. You brought him a gift from our Father and your kindness has touched my heart.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Love reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brid, I am thinking of you as this time draws near. I love you. Love Kate

  3. Oh boy, what a big day for you. I get chills reading a little portion of all the overwhelming thoughts that must be going on right now. Big fat cyber hugs for you!!!!!!!!


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