October 5, 2009


This month is unlike any other month our family will ever have. For the only time ever all of our children's ages will go up in steps starting at one. Sunshine and Smiles Jocelyn is one (I still need to post about her party last week). Angel in Heaven Evan is two. Talk your ear off Jett is three. Snuggle on Your Lap Elliott is four and Mr. I Love Pin Ball Graeden is five. In a few weeks we'll be out of step...for another year...and never again starting at one. But we can enjoy it while it lasts. Little people are wonderful.

What's a bit embarrassing for me is how long I spent today trying to figure out how/when we could have another child and keep the steps in age before I realized that we can't. Unless of course we adopt a child in the next few weeks. Since we don't know of any children, that is highly unlikely.

Since Evan died, my math skills are pretty lacking. There is a mental block. I don't know how many children I have. I'm unsure how many plates need to be set on the table for meals. I know how many seats our vehicle holds, but I don't know how many passengers need to sit in it. I really got confused last fall. Our 7 seater Durango was big enough for our family when Jovana arrived, but soon would be not big enough when Jocelyn came. I was looking for a larger vehicle. Obviously that changed and we held off on any new vehicle purchase. I start to do the math of who's in school and who's not and who needs to be picked up and not and I never seem to get the sum to where it needs to be. I miss my two year old terribly. And I miss my Big Girl Jovana ... but she emails me, so it's not as tough.

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  1. It's pretty funny how their ages are put in order. Jocelyn is one, but Graeden won't be five in just 22 days. And I met him when he was four (it was August though, and his birthday is in October =]), but it's still weird.

    Your Big Girl is thinking about you every day and is always glad to read your blog.
    Please Don't ever stop blogging, I love it. =]

  2. That is pretty amazing. Not ever will this happen again. I'm glad you were at least in the frame of mind to recognize it, 'tho.


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