November 7, 2009


This morning I got to spend some time with friends from church making blocks and decorating Christmas tree stars. I like just sitting around working and visiting with others. We don't get together often outside of Sunday services but I do like it when we do. I like being with others in a little different setting than normal. Different sides of their personalities come out and everyone is friendly. It's homey.

I also made Jocelyn this "I Spy" bag. I didn't finish it until later this afternoon. First I came home and found a bunch of random small toys in the bottom of the toy boxes. It's gotten me thinking that I can have a great time making Christmas presents this year. But, we'll see about that...I mean really, I barely make time to take care of daily essentials, let alone any extras.

7 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Oh I love the blocks! Super cute idea!

  2. Looks like you made some super cute things at your Super Saturday! Our ward needs ideas. How did you make the stars?

  3. The stars are pretty simple. Buy them at a craft store like Michael's and then get Christmas paper by the sheet (I think it was scrap booking paper - 12"x12"), cut it into triangles to fit the star, and apply it with sparkly modge podge to get it to stick. The longest part is just cutting them out.

  4. I've since finished my 4 naked ones and added ribbon to the stars to hang them from the tree. I like how they turned out.

    Hard things: these stars are rustified...and it's hard to get the paper to stick to some of the rust. We ended up wiping them with dry paper towels to see if we could get some off and so the paper would stick. Also, the pattern to each side of the point is opposite the adjoining point. So, you have to be sure to flip your pattern over for half of them.

  5. Thanks! I am going to try them at home.


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