November 20, 2009

Even Better

I believe it's safe to admit on my personal blog that I'm a Twilight junkie. So when my cousin called me up this evening and wondered why she couldn't find me at the local theatre, I actually had to admit that I've never (ever) been to a midnight showing of any movie. I told her I wasn't that die hard. In fact, I was ready for bed (though truth be known I never got dressed this morning).

She pressed. I willingly gave in and slapped on some deodorant before leaving the house. What's absolutely insane is that I paid not only for the $10 ticket to see New Moon, but also $10 to see Twilight (yes I own this movie) as a double feature. New Moon is FABULOUS. I liked it a lot. and will add it to our family library. I hope that I didn't offend my husband when I spontaneously ran off with the girls and watched a movie we were planning on seeing this weekend together. I did really enjoy being with the girls. It's been a while.

Thank you Darling for staying with the kids and making paper airplanes to fly around the house.

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  1. No, no...thank you for not dragging me to that sickie this weekend.

  2. I dig your Tymon. But yes, sometimes a midnight show cures all that ails. I loved the show too.

  3. Loved it loved it loved it. SOOOO much better than the first one.
    And Tymon, you are a great husband! What a sweetheart!

  4. Thanks to all husbands who babysit their own children to let their wives indulge in minor obsessions. :o) Ryan had to put up with putting the kiddos to bed while I made a whole evening (on Friday-- I don't do midnight showings) of a New Moon Party.
    I agree- NM was much better than Twilight. That said, why would we think Bella and Edward are madly in love after watching those movies? We never see them HAPPY while they are together.

  5. It really is a mystery. I think I may have to read the books again and underline why I like Edward...because I don't like him so much on film.

  6. I am very curious about New Moon… I cannot wait to see it. =]
    It does sound a little bit weird when I say it, because I remember telling Bridge I didn’t understand such a big interest in a movie. BUT watching Twilight couple of times with her made me wanna see NM. Hopefully I will get to go and see it with my girlfriends by the end of the week.
    And, there is one more reason for me to watch it: It will definitely bring back some beautiful memories of the time spent with my dear Johns Family. =]


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