November 22, 2009

Faux Hawk

This morning was hair cut day for the boys. Elliott will be having school pictures this week, so I wanted to cut off some of the shag that has been growing since summer. Graeden was last and when it was his turn, he asked me to make him a mohawk. Uh, no way. I don't like them...the shaggy tail...nope. Not for my boy.

But this is the first time that he has cared about his hair style. And so I used the clippers to cut his hair and left it long on top. We styled it with pomade and he LOVES it. And so did all the girls at church this afternoon. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I wonder if he'll care to rise early enough to put it up.


5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Fun.... I'm glad you came up with a cute compromise. The other day AJ wanted to wear a tie with his t-shirt and shorts. It looked really funny but I figured why not. :o)

  2. I told Graeden this morning that he had a faux hawk and he was insistent that it was a mohawk. So, I told him I didn't like the mohawk's tail down the back...he wasn't a dog...etc, etc. etc. and now he's okay with a faux hawk. Well, I hope he's okay. He's loving the attention and also getting to have me style his hair. I'm really hoping to build trust so that he'll learn he can come to me to help him. He's pretty stubborn and independent.

  3. I love it! That is so Graeden, I can just see that conversation... lol

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