November 18, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?
With a tiny pear
Hanging in the air,
Red beauties all in a row.

Imagine my delight this afternoon to find four pears on Evan's tree. And I thought it didn't produce any ... Ha! Of course they are tiny. But they are there, nonetheless.

What I was really doing today was finishing a planter box for my square foot garden. Tymon made the one I filled with leaves. I actually started a kitchen compost bucket this evening to help feed the garden heap. I'm just getting it ready for spring.

In the mean time, I got some garden soil for my box and planted red and yellow onions as well as garlic. I didn't know that you could plant now and they'd be ready in the spring...but I did know that you plant bulbs in the fall for spring flowers, so it does make sense.

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