November 17, 2009

More from Sarasota

We flew in and out of Tampa and crossed this beautiful bridge at night on the way to Sarasota. It was glorious and it was hard to concentrate on driving as I just wanted to look at the lights.

Our conference was in the Hyatt, a beautiful hotel with it's own little marina.

The colors of the lobby were a little unreal, though. It was done in pinks with a touch of green. It was more like a little girl's room rather than a classy hotel.

I just loved the colors of these trees against the sky. Um, yeah, it's November and BEAUTIFUL.

The hotel was so close to the bay and the beaches were littered with shells and this kind of bird...feel free to comment on his name if you know what it is. I decided not to bring any shells home since we still have some from Birch Bay sitting in a bag on top of my washing machine. I wonder when it'll be safe to send those back to the beach.

One cool thing I got to do was sit in a big semi truck. This cab was so nice...this one happened to cost $250,000. Volvo gave it to the ATA so they could take it around to schools and let kids have a seat in it. It's amazing how much trucks hide surrounding cars/objects from the driver's field of view even with the mirrors. By the way, did you know that they don't have rearview mirrors? It makes sense...but it's not something I thought about before.

And at it's great expense, what would you rather have? A fabulous truck or a house? Lest you think this isn't the coolest truck ever, it does have a bed and shelves and cubbies and really everything you could want in a truck besides a shower.

Uncle Larry and JC - laptop nerds.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Yes, I vote "it's a pelican" too!

  2. I thought it was a pelican but then thought that they had deeper beaks to store all the fish they get.

    Of course, that could just be a pelican from an exagerated cartoon.


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