December 20, 2009

2 Times Daily PRN

Saturday, Tymon dropped me and the big boys off at the hospital while he took Jett and Jocelyn shopping. It amazing that we get there twice a day (except only once today). The boys loved playing with Uncle Brett.

Graeden erased all of the nurse notes and made his own pictures...then he messed all of those up.

Elliott came with me in the evening to read Nana a bed time story. But she fell asleep before he started.

The most curious thing for Elliott is Bapa's wattle. Like why does he have it and what does it do? He thinks that perhaps only boys have wattles since I don't have one. And he's wondering when he will get one. ha ha ha.

Elliott sleeps like my paternal grandmother. He was so tired after our adventures all evening. He had a meltdown in the store we visited after we left the hospital. Unfortunately he cried almost all the way home and only fell asleep a few minutes from home.

My mother is doing much better today. Her voice is normal and not groggy/foggy. I'm happy for her and so glad and relieved that she is getting back to normal. I'm not as happy with the nazi nurses I met tonight. And here I thought she was getting great care. One nurse got on her case for trying to go to the toilet with my help. The bed alarm sounded and it took at least a minute or two for her to even get to us. And the nurse was seriously upset. Then I was talking on my cell phone and I got in trouble for that even though EVERYONE for the past few days has been talking on a phone in that room without any issues. I was just pleased she kept her mouth shut when all of my boys were running down the hall toward the elevator when we left this evening. The other nurse I talked to right before I left about letting my mom get some sleep at night. It's standard procedure to draw everyone's blood at 4 am so that the lab can test it and have the results back by 7 am when doctors start doing rounds. Uh, are you serious? I'm pretty sure that sleep is better for most every patient's healing process than just about anything else. It's infuriating that nurses/doctors poke and prod patients all day AND all night. The night before last my mom reported that she was woken up at 3 am for a bath. Please tell me that's not normal!

On the plus side for the hospital is one thing I've never seen before. Technology has entered in for the better of everyone. Each room is equipped with a lap top and hand held scanner. Every time a medication is given or  blood taken, etc. the nurse scans the patient wristband, which has their own bar code on it and then scans the medication and then it's automatically entered into the computer. My mom ordered lunch and wanted a pickle on her sandwich and the lady in the kitchen told her she couldn't have a pickle because she needs to lower her sodium count. What? Yeah, even the kitchen knows EXACTLY what each patient should or should not be eating. In this digital age, I'm so happy that there will be fewer medical errors made in record keeping. They certainly won't disappear since a human inputs information into the system by hand in admitting. But it's far better than it used to be.

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  1. The waddle picture is hilarious! When I'm stressed out this week with all of the Christmas preparations I'm going to remember that pictures.

    I'm glad your Momma's feeling better! Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm glad your mom is feeling better too! And I think that every patient needs an advocate at the hospital, it is so great that you are there for her! Also I LOVED you Christmas photo and I apologize in advance after trying to be on top of things of gathering addresses my cards are STILL going out late! Merry Christmas to you all and may Evan be with you in spirit (of course he will! ;) )

  3. I am SO happy to hear that Nana is feeling better =] Say hi to her =]

  4. I hadn't realized your mom was in the hospital. Please send her our love and prayers.

    Chris, Allison and Topher

  5. I'm afraid it's pretty normal in my experiences with hospitals to have all the odd hour stuff going on. And yes, the blood draws at 4 a.m. are pretty standard.

    Have they figured out what is causing the seizures yet? I do understand the frustration of uncertainty. I hope you all get answers soon.

  6. We haven't known until now (as I've been going from one blog to another, unable to sleep tonight) about your mother. Wow! How frustrating to not know the cause.
    Sending our love & prayers.
    Janet and Don Smith


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