December 2, 2009


One of the joys of parenting is the ability to have "firsts" with our children. Sometimes, it's really fun to watch. Like when Graeden could ride his bike without training wheels or when he could put together the words and sentences in the Dick and Jane books. Or even do well playing games.

Last night, Graeden went to his first basketball practice, EVER. I think he's messed around with a ball before but besides watching our 10 year old neighbor shoot baskets, Graeden has never even seen anyone play. His excitement to play was fun to watch. And to be honest, a little embarrassing. And I'm also embarrassed to admit that. Basketball is a very public sport. Every spectator sees you succeed or fail. Graeden was so excited and jumpy and the other kids seemed so calm and collected. He just looked so young and innocent.

I wanted Graeden to be a natural. He's not. But he did have fun. I'm trying to encourage him and use positive speech to keep him going. I think he will. He liked having something to do and learning a new skill. He's very aware that he's smaller than every other kid on the team (1st and 2nd graders). He tried his hardest to follow directions and to make his body to obey what his brain was telling it to do.

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  1. Looks like that coach wants him to succeed! Hey, basketball isn't about tall players. I love to see when the defense makes a quick block to the one's who think they have it made just cause they can lift off 7 feet from the basket.


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